BU Academic has most viewed article in Current Issues in Tourism – Reaches 10.000 views

Dr. Miguel Moital, Principal Academic in Events Management in the Department of Events & Leisure, Faculty of Management, has just seen his paper published in the Current Issues in Tourism journal reach the 10.000 views mark. The paper has been leading the most viewed ranking for some time, and has now achieved this important milestone. Reaching 10.000 views is a major achievement since the paper was published only 2 years ago. The paper is co-authored with Scott Cohen (University of Surrey, UK, but formerly at the School of Tourism, BU) and Girish Prayag (University of Canterbury, New Zealand).

Current Issues in Tourism is a highly regarded tourism journal:

  • Edited by one of the most prominent tourism academics (Professor Chris Ryan)
  • 2 star ranking in the Academic Journal Guide by ABS – Association of Business Schools
  • 2014 impact factor of 0.918

The paper is freely available for download for everyone (golden access sponsored by BU) from this address.