2 Responses to “Hello from an up and coming researcher, Dr. Choe :)”

  1. Sara Crabtree

    Hello welcome to BU. Your research sounds very interesting. My research areas are mostly in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Hong Kong. I’m also interested in religion and faith as well, just finishing a big UK-Malaysia multi-faith ethnographic study on women’s constructions of faith. Good luck with the interesting Chiang Mai work.

    You can see more about me on the usual outlets.
    Best wishes
    Sara Ashencaen Crabtree

  2. Jaeyeon

    Hello Sara, thanks so much for your comment. Your research areas interest me enourmously! I think we need to meet for coffee to exchange our research experiences–too much overlapping! I will send you an email via univ email address! Cheers. Jaeyeon