Latest Funding Opportunities

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The following is a snap-shot of funding opportunities that have been announced. Please follow the links for more information:

British Council

Newton Fund: Researcher collaboration workshop – supporting sustainable ecosystems for poverty alleviation in the Amazon

The British Council and FAPEAM will be holding a workshop on the above theme. It is now inviting Early Career Researchers from the UK or Brazil to apply to attend this workshop. All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Researcher Links programme.

Maximum Award: Not specified Deadline: 20 March 2016

Ministry of Defence

CDE enduring challenge competition

The enduring competition is continually open to all highly innovative research ideas that challenge existing conventions and have a high potential benefit for the defence and security end user.

Maximum Award: £40,000 – £150,000 Deadline: 22 March 2016 and recurring through the year

Medical Research Council

Biomedical catalyst – developmental pathway funding scheme

The DPFS scheme is a key part of our Translational Research Strategy and supports the translation of fundamental discoveries toward benefits to human health. It funds the pre-clinical development and early clinical testing of novel therapeutics, devices and diagnostics, including “repurposing” of existing therapies.

DPFS is an ongoing scheme, with outline deadlines every 4 months.

Maximum Award: Not specified Deadline: 27 July 2016

Wellcome Trust

People awards

People Awards are two related schemes supporting projects that encourage the public to explore biomedical science. The schemes are open to a wide range of people, including: mediators, facilitators and practitioners of science communication; science centre/museum staff; artists; educators. Project activities and outputs may include:

  • workshops, events, debates and discussions
  • exhibitions and museum outreach
  • films, games, websites and cross-platform projects.

Maximum Award: £40,000 Deadline: 20 May 2016, with 3 other deadlines in the year

Humanities & Science Small Grants

This scheme is for small-scale humanities and social science research projects, scoping exercises or meetings in any area of human or animal health, including projects relating to research resources.

Maximum Award: £10,000 Deadline: Open

Nuffield Foundation

Grants for research & innovation

This funder has seven programmes that fund research and innovation in areas of social policy and education. These are all open to applications.

The programmes are: Children and Families, Early Years Education and Childcare, Economic Advantage and Disadvantage, Education, Finances of Ageing, Law in Society, and Open Door.

Maximum Award: £350,000 Deadline: 18 April 2016 and other dates

British Tinnitus Association

Large research project scheme

Applications are actively encouraged in the following areas, although all applications will be considered:

  • Mechanisms of tinnitus/identifying potential therapeutic targets
  • Existing and novel practice/treatment
  • Prevention
  • Population/demographic/epidemiology/economic studies

Maximum Award: £75,000 Deadline: 30 April 2016

Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Small research grants

The Research Grant programme provides members of the Society with the opportunity to bid for financial support for carrying out research on any topic that is relevant to fish biology and management.

Maximum Award: £5000 Deadline: 1 May 2016

British Psychological Society

Research Seminar competition

The Competition provides grants to enable institutions to co-operate to hold a series of at least three scientific seminars.

The proposed seminars should have tangible goals and should focus on developing and extending the understanding of a psychological process in any field of scientific psychology.

Maximum Award: £3000 Deadline: 1 July 2016

Sections Initiative Fund

This Research Board fund is for Sections of the British Psychological Society. It provides grants of up to £15,000 to support scientific initiatives that promote or advance psychology.

Examples of initiatives include:

  • innovative or pioneering Conferences, one-off seminars or Workshops
  • research experience – for undergraduates or non-psychologists
  • specific short-term research on a topic falling under one the Society’s thematic priorities

Maximum Award: £15,000 Deadline: 1 September 2016

If you are interested in submitting to any of the above calls you must contact your  RKEO Funding Development Officer with adequate notice before the deadline.

For more funding opportunities that are most relevant to you, you can set up your own personalised alerts on Research Professional. If you need help setting these up, just ask your School’s/Faculty’s Funding Development Officer in  RKEO or view the recent blog post here.

If thinking of applying, why not add notification of your interest on Research Professional’s record of the bid so that BU colleagues can see your intention to bid and contact you to collaborate.