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Call for Participants: British Academy SHAPE Research Careers workshop for Early Career Researchers

The British Academy is running a project on the SHAPE of research careers, specifically looking at the identity, activity, and mobility of SHAPE postdoctoral researchers, from early career to mid- and late career. We would like to invite anyone who identifies as an early-career social sciences, humanities, or arts researcher to participate in the final workshop, which will be taking place on 1 February 10am to 1pm on Zoom. As a participant in our online workshops, you would also be invited to attend the March conference, with an opportunity to help develop policy options to better support researchers and research, and to network with SHAPE researchers from across UK higher education and other sectors.

If you would be interested in sharing your experiences as an early-career SHAPE researcher in our online workshop or would like more information, please do get in touch with Eleanor Hopkins (e.hopkins@thebritishacademy.ac.uk) and Sharaiz Asin (s.asin@thebritishacademy.ac.uk).

Dorset Serious Crime Project

Dorset Community Action has been commissioned by the Home Office to carry out interviews in support of their Serious Crime Project.

The aim is that this project will add valuable insight and context to wider research and analysis being undertaken to inform a local strategic needs assessment, and ultimately the Dorset Serious Violence Strategy.

The intended outcome from these case studies of victim/survivors of serious violence is to gain a greater understanding of their individual situations:

·       Were there certain conditions in place at the time the serious violence happened.

·       Was the serious violence a pattern of behaviour, possibly an escalation of behaviour and offending.

·       How had being a victim of serious violence impacted on the individual emotionally and physically.

·       What pre- and post-offence interventions from services were available, accepted, required;

(or what wasn’t available but needed/wanted)

·       How has the overall experience influenced both current and future behaviour.

The participants need to be Dorset residents and over 18.

Please, find more information in the flyer here: Serious Crime Request Flier

All final data will be shared with all stakeholders involved in the project.

Any support you can offer with this project will be very much appreciated.

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