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Book now for the In The Dark audio storytelling event starring Dr. Nina Perry

Among our very impressive academics is the eminent British composer and radio features producer, Dr. Nina Perry, who will be discussing the audio that has inspired her and presenting some of her own work that formed part of her recently awarded PhD by publication at a gathering of In The Dark (A celebration of stories told through sound).

Dr. Nina Perry is one of Britain’s most successful radio feature producers, known in particular for making what she describes as ‘composed features’.

Her productions include the award winning Melting Point, Supermarket Symphony (A Guardian pick of the year), Spring Clean Symphony and Spirit of the Beehive (both featured on BBC Radio 4 pick of the year).

There will be lots of opportunities to ask her questions at this event, as well as meet other radio and audio enthusiasts.

When: Wednesday 24th January, from 7.30pm

Where: The Brunswick, 199 Malmesbury Park Road, Charminster

Book tickets here.

BU Composer at BEAST FEAST 2017 Music Festival

Dr Ambrose Seddon’s musical work ‘Fleeting Strands’ was recently included in the programme at BEAST FEAST 2017, an international electroacoustic music festival taking place at the University of Birmingham, 27-29 April 2017.

Ambrose ‘diffused’ (spatialised) his composition over the 64-channel loudspeaker system known as BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre), in a programme including works by many highly-respected international artists. More information can be found here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/jvkj7q5


Ambrose is a lecturer in Music and Audio Technology at BU (Creative Technology, Sci Tech) and a member of EMERGE.