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Last BU paper of 2021

The scientific journal Nepal Journal of Epidemiology published its fourth and final issue of 2021 on December 31.  This issue included our systematic review ‘Epidemiologic characteristics, clinical management and Public Health Implications of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and meta-analysis’.  This review covered the published literature on the epidemiology, clinical management and public health prevention aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and coronavirus (COVID-19) up until December 2020.  We worked hard and fast to submit the paper as soon as possible after the end of 2020 to be able to publish up-to-date findings.  We managed this and submitted the paper on March 5th, the peer-review took some months and so did the making of the revisions.  As a result we resubmitted the manuscript of 29 September and we got the acceptance email within a week.  We made it into the next issue of the Nepal Journal of Epidemiology which published exactly one year after the data collection period had ended for our systematic review.

There are two lessons here, first even when submitting to an online journal one will experience a delay in publishing.  Secondly, the 36 papers we had appraised and included were published in 2020, meaning these scientific  papers were submitted in mid-2020 at the latest in order to make it through the peer-review process, get accepted and formatted for online publication.

In the resubmitted version we had to add as a weakness of this review that: “It is worth noting that this extensive systematic review only cover papers published in 2020, and hence studies conducted in or before 2020. This was before the emergence of variants of COVID-19, especially the delta and omicron variants.”


Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen

CMMPH (Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health).

New select committee inquiries

The long-term impact of the pandemic on towns and cities | Lords COVID-19 Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Wednesday 30th June 2021

The Treatment of Contracted Staff for The MOD’s Ancillary Services | Defence Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Sunday 27th June 2021

Space Defence | Defence Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Thursday 1st July 2021

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill | Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Monday 5th July 2021

 Contact policy@bournemouth.ac.uk for support if you would like to respond to an inquiry

RCN Education Forum National Conference & Exhibition 2021

A virtual placement: an innovative initiative during a global pandemic was delivered by Emma Bockle and Lucy Stainer working with Desi Tait and Amanda Watson.

Many student nurses during the pandemic were unable to continue their learning in practice as practice was deemed unsafe (NMC 2020).  A virtual placement on a pre-registration nursing programme was created in which students worked in groups and explored a specific geographical area through online and remote activity for 4 weeks working defined rubrics.

Students needed to comprehend health promotion, and this process created an opportunity to develop leadership, empowerment, independence, resilience and IT skills (Thomas and Asselin, 2018). A virtual placement is transferable to educational programmes requiring an analysis of a group or groups in a community.

This model of learning has significance nationally where placement capacity is predicted to be challenging with increased recruitment for health care professionals. It also reflects the need to introduce contemporary placement models that encompasses learning that is wider than the traditional placement model. 

Abstract details for conference accessible on link below: