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New Select Committee Inquiries

Select Committee Inquiries launched since 8 March 2021:

SHORT DEADLINE: Policing and organisation of vigils relating to the safety of women in public places | Home Affairs Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Sunday 21st March 2021

Children’s Homes | Education Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Friday 23rd April 2021

Renewable energy in Scotland | Scottish Affairs Committee |Deadline for evidence submission: Friday 14th May 2021

Legislative Scrutiny: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill | Human Rights (Joint Committee) Deadline for evidence submission: Saturday 15th May 2021

Covid-19 and the criminal law | Justice Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Friday 9th April 2021

Local government and the path to net zero | Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Friday 30th April 2021

Tech and the future of UK foreign policy | Foreign Affairs Committee | Deadline for evidence submission: Tuesday 11th May 2021

  • Why should I engage? Submitting evidence to a select committee can lead to further engagement, such as an invite to give oral evidence. Your submission will be published on the Committee webpage. Your insights may inform the Committee’s conclusions or recommendations it makes to the Government. Find out more about why to engage with Parliament hereAnd find more on engagement for impact here
  • More information: all inquiries currently accepting evidence are found here. 
  • Support: Please engage with BU’s policy team before submitting evidence to a select committee. We can provide guidance and templates for colleagues who are new to responding to inquiries and we read through a substantial draft before all colleagues submit their response. Contact us – policy@bournemouth.ac.uk

Women in the Armed Forces

The Defence Committee are particularly keen for academics to contribute to their inquiry into Women in the Armed Forces

The inquiry focuses on the experiences of Women in the Armed Forces, from recruitment through to employment, and (for those who leave) their transition to civilian life.

The Committee is currently accepting written evidence submissions for this inquiry and would like to boost participation in this, especially from academics. Individuals and organisations are able submit written evidence here, until 31 January 2021. Please get in touch with the BU policy team if you are considering replying to this inquiry.

There are options for colleagues who wish to submit evidence in a personal capacity or anonymously – again talk to Jane or Sarah within the policy team so we can support you.