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Space Strategy & Satellite Infrastructure

The Commons Science and Technology Committee has opened a new inquiry into UK space strategy and UK satellite infrastructure and has invited written evidence by 24 June.

Here are the terms of reference:

  1. What are the prospects for the UK’s global position as a space nation, individually and through international partnerships;
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current UK space sector and research and innovation base;
  3. What lessons can be learned from the successes and failures of previous space strategies for the UK and the space strategies of other countries;
  4. What should be the aims and focus of a new UK Space Strategy, including considerations of:
  • technology;
  • skills and diversity;
  • research funding, investment and economic growth;
  • industry;
  • civil and defence applications;
  • international considerations and partnerships;
  • place;
  • current regulatory and legislative frameworks and impact on UK launch potential; and
  • impacts of low Earth orbit satellites on research activities.


What needs to be done to ensure the UK has appropriate, resilient and future-proofed space and satellite infrastructure for applications including:

  • navigation systems;
  • weather forecasting;
  • earth observation including climate change; and
  • communication (including broadband).

Contact the policy team (policy@bournemouth.ac.uk) if you wish to provide written evidence to this inquiry.