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British Academy Small Grants next call

british_academy_logoThe British Academy have informed us that the next round of BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants is now open and will be closing at 5pm on Wednesday 11th May.

They have written to us to say that during the last round they received a large number of applications (UK wide) with obvious errors that should not have been approved by the employing institutions.  They’ve provided updated BA scheme notes for applicants and BA FAQs which are also available on e-GAP and have asked that all applicants read the documentation carefully before starting their application.  BA receive 900-1,000 applications for each round of this competition and so will not correct errors but will instead withdraw the application from the competition.

If you’re interested in applying to this call then please inform your Funding Development Officer by 13th April.  We usually have a high demand for this call and so we will need to ensure that we have scheduled you in for costings and approvals, particularly as BA require RKEO to check your application and to electronically submit it on your behalf.  Therefore, the BU internal deadline for this call is 4th May.

Science and Innovation Network Japan

Academics in the UK have co-authored over 15,000 journal papers with academics in Japan between 2010-2014.  Could your research lead to the next co-authored paper with researchers inetworkingn Japan?  In order to facilitate this, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, through the jointly funded UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), have compiled a list of 40 funds here where academics in the UK can submit proposals to foster research networks with academics in Japan.

If you are considering working with an international partner in your bid, please contact Emily Cieciura, RKEO’s Research Facilitator: EU & International or the relevant Funding Development Officer for you Faculty.

Thinking of applying for the British Academy Small Grants scheme…?

The British Academy Small Grants call was announced on September 4 and has a closing date of October 16. Our academics are always attracted to this call, but our success rate is not good; in the last round of calls BU submitted seven and none were funded.

With this in mind we want to encourage you to use the RPRS to help improve your submission (the deadline to get this to me would be next week) or if you are interested in making an application to this call, to utilise all of our wonderful grant craftsmanship resources (such as the Grants Academy and our training sessions) and the RPRS to get your application perfected for the next round of calls in April 2014.

If you do want to submit to this round, a gentle reminder that as this is requires Institutional Approval, the final deadline to submit to R&KEO is October 10th.