‘Oh no, I have to deal with HR!’

Dear Friends of the HR & OB Department within the Business School:

There is a third seminar scheduled this year under the umbrella of the Department of HR & OB, Business School.  You are more than welcome to join us Friday, October 12 at 2:00 PM, room EB202.

The title of the seminar is “‘Oh no, I have to deal with HR!’ On Human Resource departments and their ‘bad’ reputation”. Dr Gbola Gbadamosi and Davide Secchi will share some ideas to explore potentials for collaboration, papers, research projects, funding, etc.  Please come join us for this exploratory research talk!

2 Responses to “‘Oh no, I have to deal with HR!’”

  1. Sarah

    HR & OB department? We had personel, then we had Human Resources, we’ve now got HR & OB? Whatever does that stand for?

    No wonder you’re hard to deal with, no-one knows who you are.

  2. Jo

    Hi Sarah,
    I have amended the blog post so that it’s clear that this is the HR and OB department within the Business School. I believe that BU’s HR department is still called ‘HR’.
    Kind regards,