An update on The TACIT TRIAL: Tai Chi for people with dementia

The TACIT Trial has reached some important milestones recently.

We closed the study to recruitment in July and we completed our last Tai Chi class earlier this month. Data collection will come to an end later this month with data cleansing, analysis, and write-up to follow. We’ll then expect to know the main results by around March 2019.

In the meantime, those interested to find out more about the study can read some papers published from the study:

[1] The findings from the pilot intervention phase, led by BU PhD student Yolanda Barrado-Martín:

Barrado-Martín, Y., Heward, M., Polman, R., & Nyman, S. R. (2018). Acceptability of a dyadic Tai Chi intervention for older people living with dementia and their informal carers. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, published online 30 August, DOI: 10.1123/japa.2017-0267.

[2] The trial protocol, led by chief investigator Samuel Nyman:

Nyman, S. R., Hayward, C., Ingram, W., Thomas, P., Thomas, S., Vassallo, M., Raftery, J., Allen, H., & Barrado-Martín, Y. (2018). A randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of Tai Chi alongside usual care with usual care alone on the postural balance of community-dwelling people with dementia: Protocol for The TACIT Trial (TAi ChI for people with dementia). BMC Geriatrics, 18, e263. DOI:

You can also find out more about the study here: