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Supervising PGR students

As Supervisor it is your responsibility to REVIEW your student’s ethics checklist (including participant documentation such as the information sheet and agreement form), to make sure the checklist is complete and the student has clearly identified potential risk and discussed how they intend to mitigate against risk. If the checklist has not been completed properly, then you can return the checklist to student online.

Once you are satisfied that the checklist is ready to be approved, you will either:

FORWARD the checklist to the Ethics Champion (low risk projects).  Please note, that if the Ethics Champion asks your student to make changes to the checklist, once a student resubmits, the checklist will come back to you for another REVIEW.  You need to make sure the recommendations have been incorporated before you FORWARD the checklist onto the Ethics Champion for final review.  You will recieve a copy of the email notifications, so you’ll be aware of the comments made by the Ethics Champion.


FORWARD the checklist to an appropriate central research ethics panel if the checklist has been identifed as high risk.  Risk is identified by the responses given to the questions.  If your PGR is invited to attend Panel, you must accompany them and the invitation will be extended to include you (or another member of the supervisory team if you’re not available to attend).

To review the student checklist log onto OEC Admin System (Cohort).  Log on using your BU username* and password.  *Please do not include @bournemouth.ac.uk.


Email Notifications:

  • You will recieve an email notification once a student submits a checklist – this is generated by the system and may contain the following subject heading “[student name] has just submitted an ethics checklist [ethics id] for your approval
  • You will also receive a copy of the email notification should the Ethics Champion return the checklist online – this is generated by the system and may contain the following subject heading “Your checklist [ethics id] has been sent back for changes
    • You will receive an email notification when your PGR resubmits a checklist
  • Once a your PGR’s checklist has been approved, you will receive a copy of the email notification.

Emails generated by the OEC admin system will look like this: