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BU continues growing its impact in researching social media influencing

In addition to the active role, Dr Elvira Bolat took in supporting the BBC One Panorama research team and the editor, Jamie Hamilton, in preparing the latest episode titled, Million Pound Selfie Sell Out, she has also been interviewed by The Times journalist, Kaya Burgess.

The Times article titled ‘Instagram life is far from a pretty picture, insist bloggers‘ talks about the true reality of shiny and glossy lifestyle portrayed by the influencers online with less glam and numerous negative effects on mental health the bloggers/vloggers live with. In addition, the article features one of the Bournemouth Bloggers – Emma Longden, who confirms that being a micro-influencer comes with side effects and pressures, many are not aware of.

Beyond this particular interview, but in numerous media interviews and providing insights to the Panorama research and editorial teams, Dr Bolat emphasised that the ecosystem of influencing marketing is much more complex. She highlights that, with the presence of brands and businesses in such an ecosystem, responsible business practices should be shaping the future of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a fantastic phenomenon enabling social media users to express their creativity, connect with various audiences and serve the social purpose. However, as it stands it became a powerful financial engine to further foster consumerism and, beyond that, harm not only followers but creators of content, who no longer have control, passion, and purpose with their social media storytelling.


Bibliometrics: an introduction to research impact metrics

New training opportunity from the library’s academic liaison team

RKE Development Framework Workshop – “Bibliometrics: an introduction to research impact metrics”

Wednesday, 31st of May,  10am – 12pm

Understanding and demonstrating impact is becoming an essential part of any research activity.

Have you ever wondered how other people are citing your work? Do you know how to calculate your “h-index”? Have you heard of Altmetrics? Come along to this session to find out more.

Topics covered will include:

  • Journal quality (SCOPUS, Web of Science, Scimago)
  • Article quality
  • Researcher quality
  • Easy metrics via BRIAN
  • Your external research profile
  • Differences between disciplines
  • Other measures to show impact (Altmetrics)
  • Using impact data.

To book a place, follow this link:  https://staffintranet.bournemouth.ac.uk/workingatbu/staffdevelopmentandengagement/fusiondevelopment/fusionprogrammesandevents/rkedevelopmentframework/skillsdevelopment/bibliometrics/

Interesting academic impact stats from Scopus

Scopus logoI wanted to share with you some interesting academic impact stats based on BU’s publications. Looking at the period 2012 to date:

  • BU academics have published 1,888 outputs indexed in Scopus
  • These have received a total of 4,093 citations (2.2 per publication)
  • 20.6% were published in the top 10% of journals (based on the SNIP ranking) (UK average is 26.8%)
  • 39.7% were co-authored with colleagues at institutions in other countries (UK average is 46.8%)
  • 9.7% were in the top 10% of publications most cited worldwide (UK average is 18.9%)

Although BU is tracking below the UK average on these measures, it is not far below and BU’s performance is increasing significantly each year.

For advice on publishing you can speak with Pengpeng Hatch in RKEO or your Faculty Librarian.