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Opportunity to receive updates on knowledge exchange and innovation (AURIL Membership)



Association for University and Research Links  (AURIL) is the professional association representing all practitioners involved in knowledge creation, development and exchange in the UK and Ireland who work to ensure that new ideas, technologies and innovations flow from their institution into the market place. AURIL has more than 1600 members from universities and public sector research establishments across Europe.

The Association enjoys widespread international recognition through its success in influencing UK government policy. It has strong working relations with the Confederation of British Industry, Universities UK, the UKIPO, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), HM Treasury and Higher Education Funding Councils.

Bournemouth University is a member of this association with a number of academic and professional services support staff members of AURIL.

A number of events are co-ordinated by AURIL during the year including the annual conference – a good way of keeping up-to-date with  what is happening within the sector aswell as a chance to network and meet industry contacts. For more information on this association click here.

You can also opt in to receive regular updates on topics such as EU funding, Local Economic Partnerships (LEP), Student Enterprise & Employability, CPD, Knowledge Exchange. To check out the full list of topics and to be added or to  update your current listing please contact Jayne Codling in RKEO.

The next series of updates will be sent by the end of the month so get your request in soon!

Nominations for AURIL Lifetime Achievement Awards 2012

After the success of last year’s Lifetime Achievement Awards AURIL are now seeking nominations for this year’s Awards.

The Awards are issued to members who have made a significant contribution to knowledge transfer. AURIL Council will set up a group to assess the nominations and the Awards will be presented at our Annual Conference in Sheffield.

Nominees are expected to be able to demonstrate several key qualities namely:

  • A substantial contribution to the Association itself (either by service on Council , committees, working groups, hosting events, etc).
  • A proven track record in knowledge transfer as a practitioner.
  • A regional, national, devolved or international contribution to knowledge transfer.

As a reminder last year’s winners were Pat Frain, Adrian Hill and Hugh Thomson.

Please can you pass your nominations directly to Alasdair Cameron with a short (no more than 1 page) supporting statement.

Nominations must be received no later than Friday 10th August 2012 in order to be eligible.

Dr Alasdair Cameron MInstKT

Executive Director, AURIL

50 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QE
Direct Line: 0141 548 4765

Twitter: @AR_Cameron 
Skype: alasdair.r.cameron

Knowledge exchange and business links are increasingly important in academic promotion

Research commissioned by the Association for University Research and Industry Links (Auril) indicates that experience of knowledge exchange and links with business have become increasingly important to academics trying to win promotion.

Philip Graham, executive director of Auril, stated that “In some job applications, (knowledge transfer) is now rated as desirable, although not essential. Ten years ago it would not have been rated as desirable.”

The majority of survey respondents said that academic promotion depends more on academic teaching and research reputation, however, business links are becoming increasingly more important.

The government’s White Paper on higher education, published in June, says that universities should “look again at how they work with business across their teaching and research activities, to promote better teaching, employer sponsorship, innovation and enterprise.”

HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Funding) exists to support and develop a broad range of knowledge exchange activities between universities and colleges and the wider world, which result in economic and social benefit to the UK. BU submitted its HEIF-5 strategy to HEFCE in July; further information will appear on the blog in due course.

You can read the full story on the AURIL website: Build up the Business Assets if you Want to Get Ahead

AURIL Membership – Become a member – response required by 1st July

Involved in enterprise?  Would you like to be a member of Association for University Research and Industry Links (AURIL) www.auril.org.uk? Now’s your chance! 

BU has renewed its membership for 2011-2012 and is allowed unlimited members.  If you think that this would be of benefit to you and you would like to become a member, please contact Nicola King (nking@bournemouth.ac.uk) no later than 1st July for inclusion on our institutional return.