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Paper in top 30 most cited Journal Advanced Nursing articles

BU’s Dr. Bibha Simkhada’s paper ‘Factors affecting the utilisation of antenatal care in developing countries: a systematic review of the literature’ [1] is currently the 27th most cited paper in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.  This is great achievement considering that the journal has published nearly ten thousand articles since its inception (to be precise 9,847).  The Journal of Advanced Nursing (published by Wiley) is one of the prestigious journals in the nursing field.  This extremely well-cited paper was part of Bibha’s Ph.D. study at the University of Aberdeen.  Dr. Bibha Simkhada is Lecturer in Adult Nursing in the  Department of Nursing and Clinical Sciences.  One of her co-authors also works at BU, Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen and a second co-author, Prof. Padam Simkhada from Liverpool John Moores University is Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences.  The third co-author Dr. Maureen Porter retired a few years ago.




  1. Simkhada, B., van Teijlingen E., Porter, M., Simkhada, P. (2008) Factors affecting the utilisation of antenatal care in developing countries: a systematic review of the literature, Journal of Advanced Nursing 61(3): 244-260.

Nominations for AURIL Lifetime Achievement Awards 2012

After the success of last year’s Lifetime Achievement Awards AURIL are now seeking nominations for this year’s Awards.

The Awards are issued to members who have made a significant contribution to knowledge transfer. AURIL Council will set up a group to assess the nominations and the Awards will be presented at our Annual Conference in Sheffield.

Nominees are expected to be able to demonstrate several key qualities namely:

  • A substantial contribution to the Association itself (either by service on Council , committees, working groups, hosting events, etc).
  • A proven track record in knowledge transfer as a practitioner.
  • A regional, national, devolved or international contribution to knowledge transfer.

As a reminder last year’s winners were Pat Frain, Adrian Hill and Hugh Thomson.

Please can you pass your nominations directly to Alasdair Cameron with a short (no more than 1 page) supporting statement.

Nominations must be received no later than Friday 10th August 2012 in order to be eligible.

Dr Alasdair Cameron MInstKT

Executive Director, AURIL

50 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QE
Direct Line: 0141 548 4765

Twitter: @AR_Cameron 
Skype: alasdair.r.cameron