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Publication success BU postgraduate researchers

Congratulations to Bournemouth University researchers Adam Spacey, Orlanda Harvey and Chloe Casey on the acceptance of their research paper ‘Postgraduate researchers’ experiences of accessing participants via gatekeepers: ‘Wading through treacle!’’ [1]  The study is partly based on their experiences as postgraduate researchers interacting with gatekeepers which they used to design an online questionnaire for postgraduate researchers. The results of the survey highlighted that postgraduate researchers face a range of challenges when using gatekeepers to access participants for studies, and that there is a negative emotional impact arising when challenges are faced. Thematic analysis revealed six themes  (1) Access to participants; (2) Relationships; (3) Perceptions of research; (4) Context for gatekeepers; (5) Emotional impact; and (6) Mechanisms to address challenges.  This paper is forthcoming in the Journal of Further and Higher Education (published by Taylor & Francis).


Well done!

Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen

Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health (CMMPH)



  1. Spacey, A., Harvey, O., Casey, C. (2020) Postgraduate researchers’ experiences of accessing participants via gatekeepers: ‘Wading through treacle!’, Journal of Further and Higher Education (accepted)

Release of the beta version of RCUK’s Gateway to Research

 Research Councils UK (RCUK) is due to release a beta version of the ‘Gateway to Research’ portal imminently to give the public better access to information about research funded by the Research Councils.

Gateway to Research aims to provide a mechanism for businesses and other interested parties to identify potential partners in universities to develop and commercialise knowledge, and maximise the impact of publicly funded research. It is being developed as part of the BIS Innovation and Research Strategy, published in December 2011.

The beta Gateway to Research contains information such as who, what and where the Research Councils fund, as well as details about the outcomes, outputs and impact from research, linking to already available open access repositories and data catalogues.

The information contained within the Gateway to Research beta version is a fixed snapshot of available information on research. It contains real data from grants across all seven Research Councils, awarded from 2006 onwards, that is already held in data sources such as RCUK’s Research Outcomes System (ROS) (please see the Principles of Use document for more details) and ResearchFish. Therefore the data is not new – Gateway to Research brings the information together in one place. Any updates and additional information about research need to be made in data sources – they cannot be made directly on Gateway to Research.

Updates made in data sources will not update the beta system automatically as this will initially be a manual process and it may take some time. Over the next year, RCUK will be building the infrastructure to ensure that the data will be routinely updated once the final live system is launched at the end of 2013. Updates to output data will then be reflected in Gateway to Research after they have been submitted.

RCUK need your feedback

The beta version has gone through robust technical testing and is close in look, feel and function to how RCUK envisage the final product. However, it is important that they ensure the data it delivers and its functionality meets the needs of its users.

RCUK are therefore calling on people to use and interrogate the beta site and provide feedback to RCUK on their experience to inform the development of Gateway to Research over the next year. They would like to encourage third parties to investigate innovative ways that the data can be used and shared to take it to a broader audience.

You can access the beta Gateway to Research at http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/ . It is currently password protected but it will be publicly available for you to use when it is officially released within the next few days (on or around 12 December 2012).

Please email your feedback to gateway@rcuk.ac.uk .

Updating information about your research

Colleagues within BU are aware of the process for updating information about the outcomes and outputs of their research, through ROS and ResearchFish.  If you require more information then please refer to the ‘Principles of Use’ document above or visit RCUK’s web site to find out what ROS is, how it works, and how it can benefit you.

If you have any further questions, please email gateway@rcuk.ac.uk or contact individual Research Councils for information on specific areas of research.