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More news about the demise of Pirrus

Further to the previous post, there is further information about the closure of the Piirus service:

Piirus (piirus.ac.uk) has proved valuable to the research community with access to networks and value-added content. However, as there are several other platforms now available offering very similar services, we have decided to cease offering our platform so that we can focus on other areas in which we can support the academic community. Therefore, from 31st October 2017, the Piirus network will be withdrawn.

We are letting you know in advance so you can manage any of your data in Piirus that you might need.

When Piirus closes, all of your data will be deleted automatically so you do not need to take any further action, but if you would prefer to delete your account now, please follow these steps:

–        Log in to your Piirus account at www.piirus.ac.uk

–        Select ‘edit my profile’

–        Click through to the final screen, where you will find the option to delete your profile

–        You will then see a message to confirm that your account has been deleted

We are very grateful for the engagement of all of our Piirus members and supporters over the last few years.

We actively encourage all Piirus members to ensure they have an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) account and use this to access the many digital networking services that are now available. View the ORCID website here.

If you enjoy Piirus’ thought leading content you can continue to access this, as it will be transferred on to our free global ‘jobs.ac.uk’ service, with more useful content coming soon. View our careers advice on jobs.ac.uk here.

Thank you once again for all your engagement and support.

For more information view our FAQ page or if you have any questions please contact us via email.


Yours sincerely,

The Piirus team

Update from Piirus – service transferring to jobs.ac.uk

Announcement from Pirrus:

Unfortunately, we are no longer taking new registrations for the piirus.ac.uk network. On October 31st 2017 Piirus will be absorbed by the sector leading global jobs.ac.uk, where we will continue to provide thought leading content, bringing you research and articles alongside our blogs and social media activity. This decision will enable us to provide a cohesive set of services to you on one platform.

If you don’t already follow jobs.ac.uk, we have much to offer you with regards to careers advice and valuable content to help you achieve your career goals, be it within academia or beyond. Our recent live video Q&A session dealt with our audience’s questions about entering the world of industry after completing a PhD, for example. Our China portal features a variety of articles that give insight into the world of academia in China and tips for making the move there.

The jobs.ac.uk Careers blogs will continue the good work of the Piirus blog and are written by academics and professional university staff members to cover a range of topics, including working in Education, post PhD life, and The Digital Academic. We have a long list of ebooks and infographics available to help you in creating your digital persona, pursuing a postdoctoral career in Norway (with more countries in Europe to come) and how to better organise your career to name just a few of the subjects we delve into. We also publish weekly advice articles offering useful tips, such as steps to networking success and answering killer interview questions.

In 2015, we launched PhD vlogs and we have since followed the lives of thirteen vloggers as they take us along for the ride during their PhD studies. We will expand our vlogs with the introduction of early career researchers and more experienced academics to get a personal insight into what a career in academia can look like.

A huge strength of Piirus was its in-depth blog posts that explored the real-life issues academic face on a daily basis. We want to assure you that, although Piirus will be closing on October 31st 2017, the unique and valuable content will continue under the jobs.ac.uk brand.

jobs.ac.uk shares Piirus’ desire to inspire you and encourage conversation and collaboration between researchers, academic and HE professionals. In entering our community, you are joining a huge network of like-minded individuals who may share your career goals and experiences so far. Our content aims to give people in HE a voice and explore the many diverse routes into HE that our clients offer.

Piirus – top five ways to find collaborators

The Piirus Blog is discussing the top five ways to find collaborators to further your research.

ideasAccording to their research Piirus found that 85% of researchers said collaboration with others helps drive research excellence and 79% of researchers think international research collaboration increases research productivity. In their recent survey, however, research managers ranked developing collaborations as one of their top challenges.

So what can you do?

  1. Decide the types of collaboration activities you seekPiirus
  2. Get tips on how to make collaborations in these areas work
  3. Find collaborators in your research field or from other disciplines
  4. Find people by research methodology or technique
  5. Find collaborators with experience in the equipment you need

Interested? Read more about this topic on the Pirrus Blog.

Piirus can help you make these connections. It is easy to sign up!