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Horizon 2020 info days are here!

As you any of you regular EU section readers will know, attending the info days for EU funding is essential. Not only do you get the insider knowledge on what’s coming up, but you get to mingle with the National Contact Points and other useful source of information and help but also you get to network with loads of other people with similar research interests!

There are a few info days coming up and I recommend that if you are thinking of submitting to any of the related themes, that you dedicate the time to going.

Upcoming Info Days and slides from those which have been!

Info days are invaluable for not only finding out more detail on a call but also for networking. Below are some info days open for registration, and links to slides and videos of those which have already occured.

FP7 Energy Booking Open for European Information Day on 2013 Calls: The European Commission is organising an information day in Brussels on 4 July, which will cover most of the final thematic funding opportunities relating to energy research under FP7. It will cover the calls within the 2013 Work Programme for the FP7 Energy theme (which is expected to be published in July 2012), as well as various other FP7 calls related to energy. Booking is now open and if you are unable to attend, then the event will be broadcast online. Videos and slides will be available afterwards too. A brokerage event will also be held on the following day, the 5 July.

FP7 Transport Brokerage Event for Rail Transport Research in Europe: The European Commission and the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU are holding a rail research brokerage event in Warsaw, Poland on 26-27 June 2012. The event will include presentations from the Commission and the European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC); information on the proposal for a new Joint Technology Initiative in the rail transport sector for Horizon 2020 (SHIFT2RAIL  JTI); and details on the European Single Rail Area and the Commission’s outlook on rail research in Horizon 2020. The two day event will conclude with a brokerage session, where potential project partners can discuss project ideas with new contacts.

FP7 PPPs Energy Efficient Buildings Online Brokerage and Information Webinar: On Monday 18 June at 9.30am (British Summer Time) a joint online brokerage webinar will take place with the E2B National Liaison Point (NLP) Network and the Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network (MBE KTN). This online event gives those interested the opportunity to get an early view of the upcoming calls in advance of the PPP information days in July 2012, as well as interacting with potential partners. Marta Fernandez, from the E2B Association (E2BA) and Associate Director of Global Research at Arup, and Olaf Adan, Principal Scientist at TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), will introduce the potential 2012 call themes based on the multiannual roadmap. Call topics are currently being finalised and this year will amount to EUR 220 million. Those who would like to present their own project ideas as part of the webinar can fill in the details during the registration process which is mandatory as places will be limited.

MIRA FP7 Funding: This is a free seminar hosted by the Transport KTN, FP7UK and others which ill outline the funding priorities in FP7 for transport. It will be held on July 5th

FP7 Security Information Day on 2013 Call: The FP7 Security Call Information Day will take place on 11 September in Brussels. The exact venue is yet to be confirmed but is likely to be the same as in previous years: the REA Offices, Covent Garden Building, Place Rogier, Brussels. On-line registration will open on 10 July, which is the same day that the Call opens officially.

FP7 Environment Presentations from European Information Day on 2013 Work Programme: The presentations are now available from the recent European Information Day on the FP7 2013 Environment Work Programme. As well as presentations by the European Commission, there were also ‘flash’ presentations by researchers interested in applying to the calls. The participant list and the video-streaming from the event are also available.  Researchers interested in the Environment theme should also note that there is a UK event on the 2013 Environment and Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (FAFB) work programmes on 6 July in London. Presentations and other documentation from the European Information Day.  Webstreaming from the event.

FP7 Co-operation Presentations from Ocean of Tomorrow Information Day: The web-stream recording is now available with the presentations from the recent information day on the ‘2013 Ocean of Tomorrow’ Joint Call. This call will be launched in mid July 2012 under the FP7 Co-operation Programme. An ‘Orientation Paper’ is also available with further details of the likely call topics for this call, which is expected to be published in mid-July 2012. Webstream of presentations from the information day on the Ocean of Tomorrow.

FP7 FAFB and Environment UK Information Day for 2013 Calls open for bookings!

DEFRA, BBSRC, NERC and the Food Standards Agency are co-hosting a UK Info Day the 2013 FP7 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnologies (FAFB) and Environment (including climate change) calls on Friday 6 July. The venue is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in London.  Registration for the event is now open, simply complete and return this Registration Form. There is no charge for this event, and places are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis.

The information day is designed for everyone interested in these two FP7 thematic areas, in particular those considering submitting a proposal for the 2013 work programme calls. These are scheduled to be published on around 10 July, and will be the last such calls under FP7. The information day will feature:

  • Presentations from the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation on the 2013 work programmes for the FAFB and Environment themes;
  • Information on the opportunities available in other FP7 schemes, including the “Ideas” (the European Research Council) and “People” (the Marie Curie Actions) programmes;
  • Presentations by FP7 project participants in the FAFB and Environment areas, along with lessons learned about participating in the programme; and
  • An update on Horizon 2020.

The UK National Contact Point for the FAFB and Environment themes will be available all day to provide information and advice on participation in FP7. The event will also provide an opportunity to network with others interested in EU collaborative research.

Forthcoming info days and key networking conferences…

FP7 Information Day on The Ocean of Tomorrow 
Brussels, 6th June
The European Commission will be holding an information day on “The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013” call on 6 June 2012 in Brussels. The information day will be aimed at those interested in the applying to “The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013” cross-thematic call. The event is the day before the information day for the 2013 Environment calls, which will allow people to attend both information days, if desired.
Registration is not open yet; more information is available on this leaflet.

2012 European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative Conference
Brussels, 5th June
The aim of the conference is to make the EIBI better known to the various biofuels stakeholders. Stakeholders along the whole biofuels value chains will be invited to attend the conference. Details will be published on the EBTP website as soon as they are available. Registration will begin in early May.

Conference on Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Research to Accelerate Innovation
Brussels, 15th May
The Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) is promoting an industry driven research, demonstration and innovation (RDI) programme for energy-efficient buildings and districts, with the ambitious vision that all European buildings and districts will be designed, built or renovated to high energy efficiency standards by 2050. Its 150 members come from industry, research organisations, SMEs, public promoters and agencies. E2BA is currently developing a new Roadmap for RDI priorities in the energy efficient built environment field for the period 2014-2020 and beyond.

Seventh European Photovoltaic Technology Platform 
Amsterdam, 19th June
The conference will zoom into the challenges and opportunities of the European photovoltaic (PV) industry sector related to manufacturing as well as large-scale deployment. It will show how PV can continue to contribute to innovation and economic development in Europe when supported by adequate policies and measures.Innovation approaches, transition from incentive-driven to self-sustained markets for PV as well as long term scenarios will be analysed by selected representatives of the European Parliament, the Dutch government and world leading players of the PV industry.

Find EU Partners for the Lifelong Learning Programme, Ethics in Security or Health

Attending Information days and workshops held by the European Commission not only gives you a great opportunity to find out more about a call and ask any questions about it, but these events are also critical networking opportunities to meet others interested in building a consortium and applying for funding. An info day on the Lifelong Learning Programme will be held in October and a workshop on Ethical issues in Security Research in September.  If you are interested in applying to either of these calls, you should attend the info day.

To help find partners in Health funding, the details of participants who attended the recent partnering day on the 2012 Health Theme calls in Brussels are now available. A search page has been created where it is possible to look for participants of the recent partnering event by area of the work programme, type of organisation, country or through a free search. If you are planning on being involved in a proposal for the 2012 calls for the FP7 Co-operation Health Theme, then you should join look at this search page Health partnering day search page