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Public Involvement – How can VOICE help your research?

Could using VOICE – National Public Involvement and Network Collaboration Platform help with public involvement for your grant application and research?

Find out more about VOICE. Join  ‘VOICE: Celebrating 15 years of impact’ on Thursday 8th December, 3-5pm to celebrate all that VOICE members have achieved and the impact they have had in research and innovation.

VOICE: Celebrating 15 Years of Impact Tickets, Thu 8 Dec 2022 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

Hear from VOICE members, researchers, businesses, and the VOICE team, sharing their stories and experiences of VOICE. This will be a great opportunity to learn about how VOICE began, some of the key programmes and initiatives that they are involved in, and their vision for the future.



Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss public involvement in your research further – we welcome initial informal conversation to share ideas. kejupp@bournemouth.ac.uk; wardl@bournemouth.ac.uk; voice@bournemouth.ac.uk


Making the Most of Writing Week Part 4: Research grant applications – not THAT PPI

With the start of FHSS writing week, we are continuing our series of blogs providing you with some (hopefully) useful advice on how to make the best of this dedicated time. Remember, there are members of the BUCRU team available during this week to help you (i.e. anyone interested in health research) along the way.

Once you have decided on a funder, an important (but sometimes overlooked) aspect of working up a grant application is the planning and documenting of the involvement of service users/patients/relevant groups or organisations (Public Patient Involvement or PPI) ie the people most likely to have a vested interest in the research you are intending to do. Indeed, many major national funders, including the NIHR, require detailed evidence of how service users have been involved. But do you know who to approach? When? How? What can service users be involved with? What can they add? Sometimes it’s relatively straightforward to identify appropriate individuals and organisations. Other occasions can call for more creativity. Hot tip: everything takes longer to arrange than you might think. Allow a minimum of 6 weeks to plan, consult service users and feedback from the PPI consultation to your colleagues.

If you’d like some advice about planning PPI and conducting service user consultations for a project Helen Allen (helena@bournemouth.ac.uk) will be pleased to advise you. Helen is available on Tuesday 26th.