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New page on the Clinical Governance Blog – Public Involvement in Research

Involving the public in your study is important, especially at the research design stage, this is known as ‘Public Involvement’ or ‘Patient & Public Involvement’ (PPI). This involvement can greatly improve the quality of your study design and documentation.

To better support researchers with this process (in particular for the purposes of clinical research), there is now a dedicated space for guidance, resources and wider reading, on the Clinical Governance blog space.

You can find the page here – as always if there are any specific queries, please get in touch with Research Ethics.

Patient and Public Involvement – the findings of a pilot programme run by Parkinson’s UK

HomeThe findings of a pilot programme run by Parkinson’s UK to explore the difference patient and public involvement (PPI) can make to research are now available. Both researchers and those involved valued the contribution made by members of the public to the research process, with particular benefits relating to written information about the research, and to the study design. Both a two-page summary and the full report of the findings can be found at the link above.

If you’re interested in PPI, we’ll be running a session as part of the RKE Development Framework, targeted particularly at NIHR applications. More information will be made available as soon as possible here.