Using Skype to collaborate!

Skype is a VoIP (voice over IP) application to enables users to collaborate via a computer interface by calling one another. To use Skype you need to download an install a client application which enables your PC to work as a telephone. You can then make free calls to other Skype users on the network via your PC, regardless of location.

The benefits for collaboration via Skype rather than conventional telephone calls are:

  • longer and more frequent interactions
  • free phone calls to other Skype users via computers
  • you can record and archive conversations and interview notes
  • you can engage in multiuser conversations
  • you can make podcasts to share research with others

For information on using Skype check out the Skype website.

If you have used Skype before, comment on this post to let others know about your experiences!

2 Responses to “Using Skype to collaborate!”

  1. Dimitrios Buhalis

    We should have a University Skype Directory
    Much cheaper and better for communications
    I regularly do Board meetings with 10 people around the world on skype for free!

  2. stallone

    In addition to Skype, you may also try a R-HUB web conferencing server for all your online collaboration needs.