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Latest EU funding opportunities in media, sport and GKE

Media Funding
Promoting EU Audiovisual Works
Implementation of Media Pilot Projects

Sport Funding
Preparatory Actions in Sport

Green Knowledge Economy  Funding
Assessment of EU Climate Policies
Impact of ICT R&D in Large-Scale Deployment of Electric Vehicles
Communication Campaign on Climate Action & Low-Carbon Society
Competitiveness Eco-Innovation initiative
Clean Sky 9th Call
FP7 Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Proposals

Green Knowledge Economy  Events
Euroscience Open Forum
Eco-Innovation UK Info Day
FP7 Environment Info Day

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This week’s large funding pots

New £550m Green Equipment Funding Scheme Launched by Carbon Trust
Worth up to £550 million over the next three years, the dedicated low carbon finance scheme is the first of its kind and will enable UK organisations to invest in cost effective energy efficiency equipment and other low carbon technologies, such as new efficient lighting and biomass heating.

Comic Relief International Grants Programme
Applications can be for up to £1 million and thedeadline for applications is 01.09.11

Bupa Foundation Awards
Now open to entries from clinicians, researchers and health care professionals, recognising excellence. £60,000 will be allocated for completed research and/or development that has been conducted over the past three years. Deadline is 01.07.11

Heritage Grants over £1 Million
The next closing date for applications under the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Heritage Grants Scheme for projects over £1million and under £5million is the 19.06.11

EDF Energy’s Green Fund
The Fund offers grants of up to £30,000 to help cover the cost of renewable energy technology that can be used to produce green energy from renewable sources. The deadline is 31.08.11

International funding opportunities released this week

EC Funding to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings
The 5th Call for Proposals under its ITC-PSP programme is now open for applications; it aims to stimulate innovation and competitiveness through wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses. Deadline 01.06.11

Funding to Find European Project Partners
Grundtvig funds training opportunities for training, or to meet partners prior to submitting a Grundtvig Partnership or Senior Volunteering application, or to attend a Contact Seminar to find new partners can now apply for preparatory visits funding which will allow one person to visit prospective partners.  Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis.  You will need to submit your application no later than 8 weeks before a planned visit.

DEFRA Funding for International Biodiversity Projects
Funding applications are currently being invited under round 18 of the Darwin initiative which offers funds to encourage the sharing of UK biodiversity expertise with local partners in countries with a wealth of biodiversity, but who lack the means to protect these resources and to assist in meeting their international biodiversity commitments. Deadline 20.06.11

ESRC knowledge exchange opportunities

ESRC logoThe ESRC has announced that the next Knowledge Exchange call will go live on the 26 April 2011 will will be open until the 14 June 2011.

There will be two schemes – the Follow on Fund scheme and the new Knowledge Exchange Opportunities scheme which is an amalgamation of all of the previous KE scheme, i.e. placements and KE small grants. The new scheme allows applicants to apply for a number of activities in one proposal, up to £100k, and it is hoped this will encourage applicants to think creatively about KE/impact and the best mechanisms for achieving these. The scheme is intended as a complement to the Pathways to Impact.

The call is aimed at social science researchers at all stages of their career and at organisations in the business, public and civil society sectors, with the intention of encouraging dialogue and collaboration between these groups.

Knowledge Exchange Opportunities Scheme

This is a new flexible scheme that provides funding for knowledge exchange activities at all stages of the research life-cycle and is intended as a complement to Pathways to Impact.

The scheme provides the opportunity to apply for funding for knowledge exchange activities at any stage of the research lifecycle, and is aimed  at maximising the impact of social science research outside  academia.    The scheme replaces the ESRC Placement Fellowships (all sectors) and Knowledge Exchange Small Grants schemes.

The flexibility built into the scheme is intended to encourage applicants to think creatively about knowledge exchange, and applications are welcomed for either a single activity or a combination of activities; be it setting up a network to help inform the development of a  research proposal, arranging an academic placement with a voluntary or business organisation, or developing  tools such as podcasts and videos aimed at communicating the results of research to non-academic audiences. Some examples of knowledge exchange activities can be found below.

The Follow on Fund Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to provide funding for additional knowledge exchange and impact generating activities to follow on from a specific piece of substantial research that is drawing to an end or has recently finished.

This scheme provides the same flexibility as the Knowledge Exchange Opportunities scheme, and applications for either a single activity, or a combination of activities are welcomed. Follow on funding should be thought of as an extension and complement to the Pathways to Impact section of a research grant.  Applicants are encouraged to think creatively about the format of the knowledge exchange, and to involve research users from the earliest stages of developing the proposal.

Further information is available from the ESRC website:

If you are interested in applying to one of these schemes, please contact CRE Operations who will happy to support your application.

EU Call for Tenders: climate, food, computing

EU Economy-Wide Climate Change Mitigation Modelling Capacity
The European Commission, Directorate-General for Climate Action, has published a call for tenders for the development and application of EU economy-wide climate change mitigation modelling capacity (all greenhouse gas emissions and removals).

Re-Evaluation of Food Additives Permitted in the European Union
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a call for tenders for the provision of draft preparatory documents, including toxicological and non-toxicological data, to support the preparatory work for the re-evaluation of food additives permitted in the European Union.
The aim is to draw up a list of framework contractors who will be invited to enter specific competitions in the future which will entail drafting preparatory documents, including toxicological and non-toxicological data, to support the preparatory work for the re-evaluation of food additives permitted in the European Union.

Quantitative Estimates of the Demand for Cloud Computing in Europe
The European Commission, Information Society and Media DG, has published a call for tenders for the provision of quantitative estimates of the demand for cloud computing in Europe and the likely barriers to take-up.
The aim of this call for tender is to provide a quantitative assessment of the sectors which are potentially the most likely to adopt cloud computing and a qualitative assessment of the factors they are likely to perceive as the most significant policy or technical barriers.

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A selection of EU Funding opportunities…

European Refugee Fund 2011
The UK Borders Agency has announced that it is seeking applications through the European Refugee Fund – which relates to resettlement under the Gateway Protection Programme.  The minimum amount that can be applied for is £75,000 per year per project, and the maximum is £350,000 per year per project for up to three years to fund the management and delivery of activities. Deadline: 21.04.11

European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs
The EC has launched a new call for proposal to create a European network of mentors for women entrepreneurs. Grants of up to €75,000 will be available to each network. Deadline: 20.04.11

Support for European Cooperation in Education and Training – LLP
The EC has issued a call for proposals under its Lifelong Learning Programme to support European cooperation in education and training.  Grants of up to €300,000 per project are available. Deadline: 30.06.11

Support for Television Broadcasting of European Audiovisual Works
MEDIA 2007 funding is available to cover up to 12,5% of an organisation’s eligible production budget (with a maximum amount per work of 500.000 €) for fiction and animation, and 20% of the organisation’s eligible budget (with a maximum of 300.000 € per work) for documentaries. Deadline: 20.06.11

Collaborate with SMEs through a new Grant Research and Development Scheme

A new Grant for Research and Development (GRD) scheme aimed at supporting small and medium-sized companies across the UK, enabling them to research and develop new products, processes and services is open for applications and will be managed by the Technology Strategy Board. The maximum funding available will be £25,000 for proof-of-market grants, £100,000 for proof-of-concept grants and £250,000 for development of prototype grants.

2 health related funding opportunities

Nuffield Foundation – Research and Innovation Grants
The Nuffield Foundation is inviting applications through its Research and Innovation Grants programme. Grants normally range between £5,000 and £150,000.  Deadline: 08.07.11

SUBWAY Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Grants
HRUK is inviting applications for up to £10,000 to support projects that strongly promote heart health, not just healthy lifestyles.

Funding for Links with Japan

The Daiwa Foundation which supports closer links between Britain and Japan is seeking applications under its small grants programme. Grants of £3,000-£7,000 are available to individuals, societies, associations or other bodies in the UK or Japan to promote and support interaction (any type of activity) between the two countries. Deadline: 30.09.11

EuropeAid: Funding for EU policy development, governance, human rights, human development, food, natural resources, economy or trade

EuropeAid is responsible for designing EU development policies and delivering aid through programmes and projects across the world, providing a single contact point for stakeholders inside and outside the EU to deal with. EuropeAid offers funding through grant calls and contract calls; to learn more about how to get funded visit the BU EuropeAid webpage.

Intelligent Energy Europe online support session

The next Intelligent Energy Europe online support session will take place on Wednesday 13th April at 3pm.  The session will include a presentation on Section 4 of the IEE proposal – objectives and impacts.    If you would like to join this session  email the IEE team and you will be sent the telephone conference call dial in details and the weblink where you will be able to view the slides. 

Support to participate in the ESRC Festival of Social Science

The ESRC Festival of Social Science (05.11.11) welcomes event applications targeting a non-academic audience including young people, third sector, the public, business or government. There are two types of applications available:  i) applying for support of up to £2000 – due 3 June  ii) applying for event to be listed: non-supported – due 17 June. If you have any questions contact one of the festival team .

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The UK Research Office (UKRO) promotes effective UK participation in European Union funded research, higher education and training, and related activities. Established in Brussels in 1991, UKRO is jointly sponsored by the UK Research Councils.UK Research Office
UKRO provides information and advice on EU funding opportunities, and EU programmes and policies. You can sign up for the UKRO FP7 information and email alert service. Simply, “create a profile” (a personalised web page, covering the areas that you are interested in) and then select to receive email alerts at whatever interval you would prefer. UKRO has also produced a  guide to help you understand more about this service.

FP7 Partner Searches

Partner search: Sport & Health – The Centre for Sport Health and Exercise Research, Staffordshire University, is seeking partners to join a research project in the fields of sports and health.

For Emotion Regulation; Emotion and Cognitive Performance; and Emotion and Motor Performance. Email

For Physical activity/health and the environment; Green space and physical activity/health; Community health/physical activity promotion; and Primary care-based health/physical activity promotion. Email

Partner Search: Turkish SME & Wearable Cardiac Diagnosis Tool – The European Care Network is seeking partners to join a research project regarding a wearable cardiac diagnosis tool (in a vest) with clinical decision support system. For further information contact

Want to increase your chance of gaining research funding? Try the RPRS!

Success signInternal peer review is credited with producing higher quality research proposals and increased success rates. BU’s internal peer review process – the Research Proposal Review Service (RPRS) – is available to all staff so why not try it out?

You can submit your proposal in any format at any time; simply send it to CRE Operations (who will cost the proposal) along with the names of 2 reviewers from our database. The CRE Research Unit will then gather feedback from your reviewers and produce additional feedback on potential funding sources, the novel value of the proposal etc. Within 4 weeks you will have a complete set of feedback you can then use to help prepare the final draft of your proposal prior to submission. For further information on the RPRS see the BU RPRS webpage.

Join the BU Research Group on Facebook!

facebookAs well as the recently launched BU Research Blog, BU Research has established a Facebook group to allow those of you on Facebook to have a private shared area to discuss research!

The BU Research group is a closed Facebook group which only BU members of staff can join.

The purpose of the BU Research group is to provide a collaborative working environment for BU staff to:

  • discuss research ideas safe in the knowledge that all discussions will only be visible by other group members, i.e. BU staff only
  • make contact with one another, to search for one another, to identify colleagues with particular skill sets, etc.

To get started, join the group and post a message to the wall!

We aim to use the BU Research group on Facebook to promote research opportunities for multidisciplinary calls, such as joint Research Council calls.

Enjoy making use of the site and please encourage your BU colleagues to join!

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“Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for – connecting and interacting” (George Siemens)

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