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BU Ageing and Dementia Research Forum

We are developing a forum for those interested in ageing and dementia research at Bournemouth University. The forum is an opportunity to get together to chat about research and share experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Specific topics will be discussed but there will also be time for open discussion to mull over aspects of research such as project ideas and planning, ethical considerations and patient and public involvement.

The next forum meetings will be in October and November (see table below), if you would like to join us, please email adrc@bournemouth.ac.uk so we can send you the meeting details.

Date, time, and campus    Research areas
27th October 2022


Talbot Campus

Dr Michele Board – Frailty

Dr Susan Dewhurst – Falls prevention

24th November 2022


Lansdowne Campus

Dorset Healthcare – Down syndrome and dementia

If you would like to discuss your research ideas at a future meeting, please email Michelle mheward@bournemouth.ac.uk


UK academics accused of demanding too much office space: discuss!

The Estate Management Statistics annual report has found that academics in the UK have more office space than people working in other sectors and it will take a “cultural change” to make them use their space more efficiently. The report says that office-space norms in the UK higher education sector are “completely at odds” with those in other sectors and that there is significant of scope for rationalisation. The report also states that while other sectors have moved from the concept of private offices to shared spaces, some academics still view having their own office as the “norm for their discipline and method of teaching, and perhaps a status symbol”. The EMS recommends institutions make departments more accountable for use of space by charging them for it. What do you think about this?