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A Talk Session ‘Playable City and Pokemon Go’ 😇 is on the way! 7th November 2019, 11:00-12:00. Venue: EB603

Invited Speaker: Dr Ema Tanaka (Meiji Unversity, Japan)

Method: Skype meeting

  • The concept of the ‘Playable city’ will be introduced in the community branding context by Dr Tanaka.
  • Dr Tanaka is an ECR who is specialised in the field of transformational future of organisations and human beings in the era of advanced technologies, and one of her main research areas is the well-being of the elderly citizens with Pokemon-Go games in Tokyo. From some empirical studies conducted by the University of Tokyo also suggest that Pokemon Go is contributing to the middle-aged citizens’ well-being.
  • During this talk session, we will discuss ‘a game and the health in the communities’, ‘the movement and the impact of  ‘Sport in life’, and ‘the possibility to support disaster victimised areas (e.g., Fukushima and Kumamoto)’.
  • This session will provide unique topics in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as ‘Goal 3: Good Health and well-being’,  ‘Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure’, ’Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities’, and ’Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals’.
  • This session also aligns with BU2025 strategic investment areas (SIAs), Animation, Simulation & Visualisation and Assistive Technology
  • The BU ECRs, PhD researchers, and MSc students are broadly invited to this session.
  • The session will be facilitated by Dr Hiroko Oe with a contributors, Mr. Gideon Adu-Gyamfi and Mr Adriano Manna (MSc International Management).

*For more details, please email to hoe@brounemouth.ac.uk

Leisure and recreation: Follow up from first Fusion event – ideas on the way forward and the Atlantic rowers

The Leisure and Recreation session at the Fusion Event in December went well. There was plenty of interest and plenty of discussion and for those of you who would like to follow the Atlantic Rowers (one of the featured areas of research) go to www.atlanticcalling.com , at 7 last night they tweeted, “Over 1510miles done. Nearly half way! Big storm brewing.” And yes they have seen their first shark!
In terms of the theme a number of questions arose in the discussion which we need to address. I have outlined these below; please feel free to add comments.
1. Given the title Leisure and recreation how do we demonstrate the real breadth of what we do?
2. How do we promote ourselves to internal and external audiences in a coordinated way and maintain the spontaneity and authenticity of what we do?
3. How do we achieve a balance between research, education and professional practice?
4. How is it going to work in terms of boundaries and synergies? Much of the work that we do could come under more than one heading? This isn’t a problem , but how do we handle this?
5. How do we catch and collect a record of all the work that we are doing, because much is going on that we don’t know about?
6. How will this help clarify our identity?
7. Is there going to be some funding to address some of these questions?