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Festival of Learning 2015 – What could you do? Limited time but wanting to share?

The Festival of Learning 2015 is a fantastic way to engage public audiences in your research.  Sometimes it’s difficult putting together an event that lasts several hours, so how about an hour lecture on your research? 


To engage your audience, could your event be interactive or spark a short debate?  Could it be linked to ideologies within a film that an audience could relate to?  Or perhaps a topical discussion that has had national coverage?  If you have an event idea, think about the intended audience and what would appeal to them.


A lecture, seminar, interactive laboratory to name a few could all be run within an hour session, why not try it?


The next Festival of Learning will be held during 11th – 17th July 2015.  If you would like to hold an event as part of this Festival, please complete a proposal form.  The deadline for proposals is midday on Friday 19th December.


If you have an idea for a Festival of Learning event that you would like to discuss or for general enquiries, please contact Naomi Kay on 61342.

Event idea for the Festival of Learning 2015- A ‘who do you think you are’ family themed event & using the game ‘Top Trumps’ to make a successful event idea

with the deadline fast approaching for proposals to be submitted, here are a further couple of event ideas which may be food for thought for the Festival of Learning.

A ‘Who do you think you are’ themed event could use the concept of people’s ancestors and talk about how family history can have an impact on the individual choices we make today. This is often of great interest to many of us and can create a real debate in the room. This was further proven to be a successful topic at Engage 2014 in which a talk focused on how people should ‘remember their ancestors roots and way of living’ and stick to this in their everyday life.

An event idea which is of a completely different angle is that of using the popular game of ‘Top trumps’ and embedding your research around this game. Gamification is a quickly growing concept in the business world and is gaining recognition as one of the most talked about words in recent years. This is the way in which learning can be gained from games with your chosen content. For example, you could use as an example different bacterias in a top trumps style. This would involve the younger generation pitting against one another to see who had the ‘deadliest bacteria’.


For more information on the Festival of Learning 2015 please email Naomi Kay and she will be happy to help with event proposals and general inquiries.

Festival of Learning 2015- Thinking outside the box? Maybe try thinking outside of BU for your events.

When thinking about running an event at the Festival of Learning it is common to assume this has to be on campus, however you may have not considered the greater appeal you may be able to get at a different location. Here are some ideas about places that may add that unique selling point which will draw in greater numbers of the public and improve your overall engagement.


The Aquarium

Bournemouth’s Aquarium is an instantly recognisable symbol for what people associate with great venues in Bournemouth.  This would be a great place to , hold an event especially if your area of research is marine based, although this isn’t necessarily essential. An idea which could possibly be built on is to hold ‘A night at’ themed event at this location. So get your creative caps on and see what you can come up with for this fantastic venue.

Afc Bournemouth

Bournemouth University and Afc Bournemouth have an incredibly strong working relationship and there is always the possibility to run events from this location. This could be a great venue for sports related research topics, imagine the instant appeal if your event could be held at the Championship high flyers ground!

Shelley Theatre (Boscombe)

The Shelley Theatre is in a great location for when the Festival takes place. It is close to the town centre, creates a great atmosphere and provides audience members with a memorable experience. This venue would work well for a variety of event ideas and has played host to brilliant Festival of Learning events in the past.


If any of these locations seem to inspire you to submit an event, or you have a general event inquiry. Please email Naomi Kay and she will be happy to help you in the proposal process of making that event idea you have a reality. The deadline for proposals is fast approaching (19th December at noon) so don’t hesitate to get involved!