Winning EU R&D Funding – Framework Programme 7 (FP7) Forming a Team and Writing a Proposal Masterclass….

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A free one day masterclass on FP7 has been organised by Enterprise Europe Network South West, the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network and Bishop Fleming . The session includes:

  • Taking the right approach to minimise the cost of participation
  • Working with the EU Commission on your proposal
  • Available support
  • Building a team
  • Work integration
  • Matching roles to partners
  • Consortium organisation
  • Partner search methods
  • Building a proposal
  • Proposal section by section view

This event will offer an opportunity for in depth examination of the task of putting together a winning proposal under FP7 and provide you with all the information you require to make strategic decisions about participation.

The Master Class will be delivered by Eddie Townsend, our collaboration domain expert. Eddie has based the material for the workshop on his experience of successful proposal submissions and management in FP6 and FP7.

Places are limited so book your place online now!

New management process for Erasmus Mundus at BU

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I am delighted so many of you have been inspired to apply for Erasmus Mundus after Rudy Gozlan’s recent success with the TECHNO project (presentation available at I:\R&KEO\Public\RDU\Erasmus Mundus). With this in mind, RKE Operations will now manage both the pre- and post- award process for all Erasmus Mundus applications with immediate effect. The process will therefore be just like any research bid you wish to submit at BU, and the key person to contact if you wish to apply is Paul Lynch.

For anyone unfamiliar with it, the Erasmus Mundus is a European Commission funding programme which provides organisations such as BU in order to establish partnerships and to individual researchers, students or professional support staff in order to study/ research/ teach. There are 3 ‘actions’ of support which you can read in more detail in this blogpost. It’s a great scheme and a fantastic way to create networks across the world.

Erasmus Mundus is not to be confused with its sister ‘Erasmus’ programme which supports study exchanges and work placements in Europe for students for a minimum of 3 months and funding to help support staff teaching or training visits to partner universities or enterprises in Europe. This will still be managed by Deborah Velay in Student & Academic Services as it is heavily student focused, has different pre- and post- award management requirements to Erasmus Mundus.

Any confusion between the two schemes should be eliminated with the Erasmus for All programme which will see the merger of 7 huge Lifelong Learning Programmes funded by the Commission, including Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo, Grundtvig, etc. I will keep you posted with details as I get them!

FP7 NMP Tailored Exploitation Services Available for Project Partners

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A new service helping NMP project partners take their research to market has been launched by the EC. 

Partners in Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies (NMP) projects can now make use of a new service offering help in to bridging the gap between research outcomes and exploitation. A range of tailored services, provided by Commission-approved consultants, is available. The services are:

  • Project Risk Analysis (PRA) to identify the risks and potential obstacles to the future exploitation of project results;
  • Exploitation Strategy Seminars (ESS) to brainstorm on how a consortium can address the risks and potential obstacles identified in the PRA;
  • Business plan development service to assist partners with this crucial step towards exploitation;
  • Assistance for patenting to support the partners with the writing, filing and legal follow-up of patents; and
  • Assistance for standardisation to help partners to exploit project results that can benefit from the development of standards.

NMP project partners can request the services listed above. If the request is validated by the Commission, these services are provided by exploitation strategy and innovation consultants for free and under confidentiality agreement.

FP7 FAFB Registration Open for Information Day on 2013 Call

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The European Commission is organising an Information Day and Brokerage Event on the 2013 FAFB call (also often referred to as KBBE, or Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy). As stated in the leaflet enclosed below, the call is foreseen to be published on around 10 July 2012, although this date is still provisional.

The morning session will consist of presentations of the topics in the 2013 call, divided into the three “activity areas” of the FAFB theme. The afternoon will consist of parallel sessions with group discussions by thematic areas, in order to help bring together consortia, and pre-arranged face-to-face meetings to discuss potential partnerships for proposals. Participants can sign up for both when registering for the Information Day. There will also be a focus on opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the 2013 FAFB call, which is foreseen to be a particular priority. 

This is a great opportunity to network!

Update on the Culture and MEDIA programme replacement ‘Creative Europe’

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The EC has released five short videos where questions on the Creative Europe (the successor to the current Culture and Media programmes, starting in 2014) are answered.  The videos cover questions such as why the proposal for the new programme combines the current Culture and Media programmes, the planned budget increase, the new focus on audience development, the new finance facility and the new programme objectives and are answered by Ann Branch, Head of the Culture Programme and Actions Unit from the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).

These videos give you a great insight into what may come under this Programme and will allow you to really make plans for applying. You can also read this very helpful UKRO article on the Creative Europe Info Day to get even more insight.


FP7 FAFB and Environment UK Information Day for 2013 Calls open for bookings!

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DEFRA, BBSRC, NERC and the Food Standards Agency are co-hosting a UK Info Day the 2013 FP7 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnologies (FAFB) and Environment (including climate change) calls on Friday 6 July. The venue is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in London.  Registration for the event is now open, simply complete and return this Registration Form. There is no charge for this event, and places are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis.

The information day is designed for everyone interested in these two FP7 thematic areas, in particular those considering submitting a proposal for the 2013 work programme calls. These are scheduled to be published on around 10 July, and will be the last such calls under FP7. The information day will feature:

  • Presentations from the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation on the 2013 work programmes for the FAFB and Environment themes;
  • Information on the opportunities available in other FP7 schemes, including the “Ideas” (the European Research Council) and “People” (the Marie Curie Actions) programmes;
  • Presentations by FP7 project participants in the FAFB and Environment areas, along with lessons learned about participating in the programme; and
  • An update on Horizon 2020.

The UK National Contact Point for the FAFB and Environment themes will be available all day to provide information and advice on participation in FP7. The event will also provide an opportunity to network with others interested in EU collaborative research.

EC Launches Initiative on Sustainable Energy for All Initiative

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The EC announced at the high-level EU Sustainable Energy for All summit a new EU energy initiative which will provide access to sustainable energy for an additional 500 million people in developing countries by 2030.
The proposed EU Technical Assistance Facility will provide EU expertise in the sustainable energy field. This will promote sustainable development and inclusive growth and will include a new EU Technical Assistance Facility, worth EUR 50 million over the next two years.

The future of EU Energy funding

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Two exciting developments related to EU Energy funding are now in the public domain.
The European Commission has recently published an illustrated brochure on its “Energy Roadmap 2050” which is intended to be the basis for developing a long-term EU framework for energy policy.
The Smart Grids European Technology Platform, a stakeholder platform relating to smart grids, had published an updated version of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) entitled “SmartGrids SRA 2035″. This updates their previous research agenda from 2007. The presentations and conference summary from the Smart Grids 4th General Assembly, in March 2012, are also now available. The SRA of European Technology Platforms, such as the Smart Grids Technology Platform, are likely to influence future European Commission research calls.  This is because they represent the views of a large stakeholder group on what future research priorities should be. The updated SRA should therefore be of interest to researchers interested in applying to European research funding in this area.

Thinking of applying for a FP7 Health call? UKRO has some good advice…

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The final version of the FP7 2013 Health Work Programme will be published in early July 2012, and at the same time two calls for proposals (INNOVATION 1 and 2) are expected to be launched with deadlines in late September and early October 2012. These calls will mark the last opportunity to bid for FP7 funding under the Health theme and no further calls are expected to be issued until the start of Horizon 2020 in 2014.

UKRO have provided some excellent tips for  those interested in taking up this last opportunity under FP7 with some hints and tips for preparing for their submissions on their website.


Your clues to calls released in FP7…

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The European Commission will release their final calls for proposals under FP7 this July. I have been providing you with info and summaries over the last few months as to what calls may be released, so hopefully you will have a good idea of what may be coming. I have new and updated versions of most of these, which you can obtain by emailing me (BU staff only).

FP7 Security Partner Brokerage Event

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Potential applicants to the 2013 FP7 Security call are invited to attend a brokerage event organized by the Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) on 22-23 May in Brussels.

 The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange information on the 2013 call of the FP7 Security programme and to stimulate networking for the creation of potential ideas and consortia. All stakeholders interested in the participation in a topic for this call as co-ordinator or partner are invited to this meeting.

The goals of the  meetings are to:

  • provide information on the 2013 Security call (6th call) and provide potential partners with information on what is expected by the European Commission;
  • exchange information on specific contributions to proposals as partners or co-ordinator; and
  • provide a networking opportunity to find partners in proposals.

Applying for a Marie Curie Grant? Make use of our specialist RPRS!

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I am thrilled so many of you are excited about the Marie Curie Calls for Proposals and planning a submission in August.

Those of you who attended the Workshop on how to write your Marie Curie proposal have access to the expert bid writer Martin Pickard to review one draft prior to your submission and any of you attending the free EC Marie Curie Info day should also pick up some great tips. Also don’t forget to read the experience of our previously successful Marie Curie grant holders such as Rudy Gozlan and Bogdan Gabrys and have a read of our previously successful Marie Curie submissions via the I drive – I:\R&KEO\Public\RDU\Rudy Gozlan’s Successful Marie Curie Grant applications

I am really proud of the success our BU academics have had with Marie Curie and I am thrilled that two of our excellent recipients of this funding – Rudy Gozlan and Rob Britton – have agreed to be the reviewers for our specialist RPRS internal peer review panel for the Marie Curie submissions to help you.

If you submit your penultimate draft Marie Curie proposal to me by email between July 8th and July 11th, Rudy and Rob will review these and give you feedback on any issues they can foresee given their experience and highlight any areas which should be addressed to maximise your chance of success before you submit in August.  You will receive your feedback on July 20th, which gives you plenty of time to tweak your proposal and get it submitted on time. There are no forms to fill in; just save a copy of your application as a PDF/ Word document and email over.

We are very lucky to have such fantastic expertise within our institution so please do take full advantage of it!

Forthcoming info days and key networking conferences…

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FP7 Information Day on The Ocean of Tomorrow 
Brussels, 6th June
The European Commission will be holding an information day on “The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013″ call on 6 June 2012 in Brussels. The information day will be aimed at those interested in the applying to “The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013″ cross-thematic call. The event is the day before the information day for the 2013 Environment calls, which will allow people to attend both information days, if desired.
Registration is not open yet; more information is available on this leaflet.

2012 European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative Conference
Brussels, 5th June
The aim of the conference is to make the EIBI better known to the various biofuels stakeholders. Stakeholders along the whole biofuels value chains will be invited to attend the conference. Details will be published on the EBTP website as soon as they are available. Registration will begin in early May.

Conference on Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Research to Accelerate Innovation
Brussels, 15th May
The Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) is promoting an industry driven research, demonstration and innovation (RDI) programme for energy-efficient buildings and districts, with the ambitious vision that all European buildings and districts will be designed, built or renovated to high energy efficiency standards by 2050. Its 150 members come from industry, research organisations, SMEs, public promoters and agencies. E2BA is currently developing a new Roadmap for RDI priorities in the energy efficient built environment field for the period 2014-2020 and beyond.

Seventh European Photovoltaic Technology Platform 
Amsterdam, 19th June
The conference will zoom into the challenges and opportunities of the European photovoltaic (PV) industry sector related to manufacturing as well as large-scale deployment. It will show how PV can continue to contribute to innovation and economic development in Europe when supported by adequate policies and measures.Innovation approaches, transition from incentive-driven to self-sustained markets for PV as well as long term scenarios will be analysed by selected representatives of the European Parliament, the Dutch government and world leading players of the PV industry.

EU funding available in the hard sciences for research, networking, visits and conference attendance

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FP7 Artemis call for proposals: Funding supports industry-driven research projects in the field of embedded computing systems which aim to design, develop and deploy interoperable, cost-effective, powerful safe and secure electronics and software systems. The budget for this call is approximately €138.73 million and the financial contribution of the programme will be 16.7 per cent of eligible costs. Projects are expected to last for up to three years. Closing date 06.09.12

ESF Research conferences scheme: Grants support high-level research conferences lasting for three to four days in ESF member organisation countries. Closing date 15.09.12

 ESF Earthtime – the European contribution short visit and exchange grants: Grants should foster collaboration between European researchers working on topics relevant to geochronology and stratigraphy. Short visit grants provide €85 per day over a maximum of two weeks. Exchange grants provide €400 per week over a maximum of three months. Both awards provide actual travel expenses, worth up to €500. No deadline.

Autism as a priority for Horizon 2020?

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The French government is to call for research into autism to be listed as a priority area in Horizon 2020, the successor to the EU’s Framework programme for research. The French minister for social cohesion, presented an outline of the plan at a recent cabinet meeting and will produce a detailed set of goals by the end of this year, following a decision to make the condition France’s ‘national cause’ for 2012.

The government intends to ‘intensify’ research in biology, physiology and the social sciences to expand knowledge of autism. This is likely to include an interdisciplinary research stream supported by the National Research Agency. The plan highlights the need to reinforce the rights of citizens with autism and to increase public awareness of the condition in order to support social inclusion. If you are interested in autism research and want to get in to EU funding, now would be a great time to start building links with French researchers in this area.

Calls for Proposals: European Partnership on Sport

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The EC has launched a call for proposals  for a European partnership on sports. This call for proposals will support transnational projects put forward by public bodies or not-for-profit organisations in order to identify and test suitable networks and good practices in the field of sport, in the following areas:

  • the fight against match-fixing;
  • the promotion of physical activity supporting active ageing;
  • awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level; and
  • trans-frontier joint grassroots sport competitions in neighbouring regions and Member States.

The deadline is 31st July – and if you are looking to join a consortium to apply, then let me know and I can offer advice and support.

EU-Canada Study Tour and Internship Programme – opportunity for students

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This EU-funded programme offers students from EU Member States a unique in-depth experience of Canada and of EU-Canada relations during September 2012.

The intensive four-week programme begins in Brussels at the European Institutions and then moves to Canada, with study visits in Ottawa, Québec, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. In addition, nine two-month internships will be offered to participants immediately following the end of the tour. These will take place at leading think tanks, foundations and cultural institutions across Canada. This immersion in Canada will offer a unique opportunity for an academic experience in a non-academic setting.
Participation in the tour is open to university students who, at the time of application, are in their third year of studies (or equivalent) or higher and are citizens of the European Union. Third-country nationals who have been legal residents in the European Union for at least three years (and for purposes other than study) before the start of the tour are also eligible; they must be enrolled at a university in an EU member state. A maximum of 33 students will take part in the tour.

Students will only be required to pay a participation fee of 750 EUR, plus pay for their food and other incremental costs during the programme. Further information and application forms are available here. The deadline for applications is Monday 30 April, and an academic reference will also be required.

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