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Research Funders’ Guide

map of scienceThere are many ways to access information on research funding opportunities. BU subscribes to Research Professional, which all academics should have an account for. The RKEO Funding Development Team provides a weekly round-up of the latest funding opportunities on the Research Blog. RKEO have provided a list of external research and knowledge exchange funders through the links below which go directly to the funder’s websites. You can keep up with the latest news and opportunities available through these links.

The links below will guide you through the different sources of research funding available:

Also available in the Research Funders’ Guide is:

Do have a look at the Research Lifecycle on the blog to see how RKEO can support you with your research plans.  You can also see what training and development opportunities are available to support you when applying for funding – visit the RKE Development Framework to find out more.dev_framework

Finally, we have a successful application library available to all BU staff.  It is a collection of successful applications that BU staff have made to research councils, the European Union, charities, government departments and other funding sources. 

These applications have resulted in successfully funded bids and have been made available to Bournemouth University staff with the aim of assisting them with their future applications. Please be especially mindful that requirements of grant proposals and schemes may have changed since these proposals were submitted, it is essential that you always consult the latest funder guidelines for information on current requirements for applications.

To view the documents within the Application Library please click on the titles/headings within the library.

The Application Library is presently being updated with further applications however there are currently still plenty for you to view.  Please note the following usage policy: The examples are for use by Bournemouth University members of staff only and Principal Investigators have given their approval to share their applications on this basis. (Please also note: Any information that is deemed confidential in these documents has been deleted)


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