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BRIAN – Depositing Full Text Articles

Full Text Articles should be uploaded through BRIAN to comply with Bournemouth University Academic Publications Policy on Open Access.

As most publishers allow the Accepted Version of journal articles to be made available this is the version we recommend authors deposit via BRIAN. The Accepted Version is the author-created final version that incorporates referee comments and is accepted for publication. It should not have the publisher’s typesetting or logo applied.

Supplementary files of various file formats can also be deposited as files or as zipped folders.  A listing of publishers, their journals and policy on archiving in BURO is provided by theSHERPA/RoMEO project; see http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php.  BURO staff will liaise with the copyright holder regarding the inclusion of full text for other publication types.

Depositing files step by step

When in BRIAN, click on ‘my publications’ to see your full list of publications.  Each record will show a summary screen and below the title of each record you will see a set of six tabs. Click on the ‘Full text’ tab (the second tab from the right).


Click on the link ‘Manage full text’ where it says ‘Manage full text for this publication’.  The File management box will open. Browse and select the file(s) you wish to deposit. Click on Upload’. As indicated above, please include your final version in the first instance.

Books are rarely allowed, although some publishers will permit the use of a sample chapter.  BURO staff can liaise with the publishers on your behalf to check permissions.

Click on ‘Grant’   to confirm you are depositing the file(s) for possible dissemination via BURO. This process does not transfer copyright to BURO.  When you have deposited the files you wish to transfer to BURO click on ‘Home’ in the top left hand corner of the screen to return to your BRIAN profile home page.

If you have any queries about BRIAN, please contact BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk/.  If you require help assessing whether an open access version of your work can be contributed to BURO please contact your Subject Library Team or SAS-BURO@bournemouth.ac.uk.

Academic Profile Pages

Please accept our apologies whilst the Academic Profile Pages are still incorrect.  IT are working on correcting the pages.  There are issues around random question marks and brackets being added to text, as well as names.  Please bear with us whilst the work is carried out on the profile pages and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Academic Profile Pages update

The changes to the Academic Profile Pages this week have resulted in some glitches where not all information captured on BRIAN is being exported to the profile pages.  IT are fixing this and so please accept our apologies during this time.

Academic Profile Pages

You may have noticed that when changing the name structure on the academic profile pages, the system defaulted to your legal name and not your ‘known as’ name.  Please bear with us whilst we rectify this glitch.

If you have any other queries, please direct these to BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk

Thanks for your patience.

Academic Profile Page changes

I am pleased to inform you that a number of improvements were made to the Academic Profile Pages yesterday. 

  • Names are now shown in Forename and then Surname order;
  • Keywords are now displayed near the top of the page and so if you haven’t selected yours yet, please do;
  • Publications are now ordered in their sub-types, i.e. journal article, conference, book, etc.

There are other changes that will be implemented shortly and so watch this space.

Please also note that the remaining old staff profile pages (for the School of Applied Sciences and School of Tourism) will be removed shortly and replaced with the links to their current academic profile page (updated through BRIAN).  Those individuals with an old School web page will be contacted directly.

Definitions of BRIAN and BURO

Clarification is required of what BRIAN is and what BURO now does.


BRIAN (Bournemouth Research Information And Networking) is BU’s publication management system.  Staff can manage their research outputs on BRIAN, as well as other information such as biography, academic group, memberships, website and social media links, plus many more options.  Information input to BRIAN will be displayed in the BU staff profile web pages.  BRIAN enables a single point of data entry which will enable research information to be used in multiple places.  It will also enable BU to meet Research Excellence Framework (REF) requirements by improving administrative efficiency and data accuracy.  All academic staff automatically have a login and you can access it with your normal university username and password (you don’t need to add staff\ in front of your username).  Help and guidance can be found on the system and via the documents below.  If you have any problems accessing the system or you have any queries please contact BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk

If you require any help with BRIAN, please contact BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk


Bournemouth University Research Online [BURO] is the University’s Institutional Repository. BURO is supported by Eprints software. It gives access to academic outputs created by Bournemouth University staff and researchers. Where available BURO contains open access full text of unpublished works (pre-prints) and the author’s version of published works (post-prints).  BURO is located at http://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk – it has a well-designed interface and is easy to use. BURO is open to anyone to search, however, only Bournemouth University staff and researchers can contribute material.  Material is contributed to BURO via BRIAN.  BURO contains records of outputs with full-text attached – a full list of outputs can be viewed in the BU staff profile web pages http://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/.

If you require help assessing whether an open access version of your work can be contributed to BURO please contact your Subject Library Team or SAS-BURO@bournemouth.ac.uk .

I will shortly be updating the FAQ’s for BRIAN and so watch this space.

BRIAN – Improve your search settings

I’ve attended a number of BRIAN workshops recently and a common theme has emerged – BRIAN doesn’t find all of your publications available on the on-line data sources that it searches.  In investigating this further with individuals it became obvious that not all of you have optimised your search settings.  This is quick and easy to do.

From your home page, you can scroll down to view you current search settings.  If they just include your name, e.g. Garrad J, then you should input an address, e.g. Bournemouth, at the very least.  If you publish under other names or have published at other institutions then you should add these too.  Click on ‘My Search Settings’ and firstly add all combinations of your name and initials under which you publish by entering a name, e.g. Garrad Jo, and then clicking on the blue plus sign.  You can add as many names as required.  You can add previous institutions or those with which you collaborate under the address field, e.g. Swindon University, and as before, click on the blue plus sign each time you add an address.

After you have clicked the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page, BRIAN will search within four hours.  This is all you need to do.  You don’t need to add keywords or journals as this will limit the search too much.  If you want further information then please read the BRIAN – Quick Start Guide v1.

If you are receiving hundreds of publications that are not yours, please do contact BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk and let us know.  We can sort this out for you.

Please note that I will be moving to RKE Operations on 1st February until mid-July and so please send all future BRIAN queries to BRIAN@bournemouth.ac.uk and not directly to me.


New look BRIAN

BRIAN was successfully upgraded last week and the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that your home page looks different.  Please see the BRIAN Upgrade notes, which gives a short explanation of what everything is.

The majority of the functionality remains the same but there are some new features that will enhance your interaction with BRIAN.

Reminder – BRIAN upgrade

BRIAN will be unavailable from 9am to 12noon today due to an upgrade to the system.  Please see yesterdays posting for details of the upgrade.  This will also mean that the external staff profile pages will be unavailable.  These may be unavailable for slightly longer as the information from BRIAN will take time to upload into the web pages.

Thank you for your patience.

BRIAN Unavailability due to upgrade – 1/11/12

BRIAN is likely to be unavailable between 9am and 12noon on Thursday, 1st November 2012 whilst the system upgrades to a new version.  I say likely as the issues experienced yesterday with the network have put all systems at risk.  I will issue a blog post tomorrow to state whether or not the upgrade will take place and I will also put a warning notice on the log-in screen for BRIAN informing users of when the system will be unavailable.

The upgrade will include a new look user profile page within BRIAN and so your home page will look different, however, all functions will remain the same.  There will be the addition of a ‘Favourites’ tab, which will allow for a separate display of publications that you have flagged as a ‘favourite’ (please note that ‘favourites’ are only available in BRIAN and not replicated in the web based external staff profile pages).

If you choose to make a publication ‘invisible’ (you may choose to do this for publications of a sensitive/controversial nature) then this will be hidden in your external profile page.  However, if you co-author with another BU academic, the publication will only be hidden for the author who has selected to make it ‘invisible’.  Therefore, you will need to discuss with all relevant BU authors whether a publication will be visible externally by one or none of you.

There will be an improved link between Supervisors and PhD students.  When Supervisors add their PhD students to their BRIAN account, this currently creates a false link for the student in the external staff profile pages.  The upgrade will enable a hyperlink within the Supervisors external profile page to the Students external profile page.  More details will follow on this.

The authors for publications will be displayed in the external staff profile pages as ‘BU Authors’ and ‘Other Authors’.  The BU Authors will be hyperlinked so that users can go directly to a BU staff members profile page.

There will be a number of changes to the REF module, which will mainly benefit the RKEDO team.

There are a number of developments still to take place on BRIAN.  This includes the Grants module, which should go live shortly.

Please note that the user guides and videos will contain screen prints of the previous homepage.  These will be updated in due course.

Would you like to learn more about Scopus and BRIAN? Then come along to one of our workshops!

The aim of these workshops is to support academic colleagues to learn more about Scopus and BRIAN, and how they can use these systems to monitor their publication impact, identify where to publish, identify potential collaborators and also to help them to ensure their Scopus and BRIAN profiles are up to date and optimised.  Matthew Bennett will do an initial presentation about the two systems and this will be followed with the opportunity for participants to look through their own Scopus and BRIAN profiles together with Library and RKEDO (formerly RDU) staff.

They will take place on both the Lansdowne and Talbot Campuses on the following dates:

 15 October 10am – 11am CG21 Talbot Campus

23 October 2:30pm – 3:30pm S102 Lansdowne Campus

31 October 9am – 10am S102 Lansdowne Campus

 Please book a place if you would like to attend by following this link