New mandatory institutional timeframe for EC and RCUK submissions

As of Monday 25 March 2013 two new institutional changes will be implemented for European Commission and Research Council grants.

 European Commission submissions

A new 4-week institutional timeframe will be imposed for all European Commission application submissions. This timeframe has been created to ensure academics wishing to apply have the appropriate level of support from RKEO needed for their application. This timeframe is outlined on the right.   

As European Commission deadlines are announced at least 3 months in advance this should not have a significant impact on any staff wishing to apply as a Principal Investigator on a grant. For academic staff approached to be a Co-Investigator on a project less than 4 weeks before the submission deadline can make an appeal by email to their Deputy Dean of Research (or equivalent) and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, Enterprise & Internationalisation.

In order to help you gain the best possible support in terms of grant-writing, partner-searching, funding-call information and other useful help, please let the RKEO EU Pod know you intend to make an EC grant submission. Paul Lynch and Sarah Katon in the EU Pod will be happy to provide further information.



Research Council Submissions

As of Monday, it will be mandatory for all Research Council submissions to go through the Research Proposal Review Service (RPRS). This move is in response to the demand management measures imposed by Research Councils such as the EPSRC and NERC. Many institutions have similar measures to protect academic staff.

You can select whether your application will be peer-reviewed by two internal members of staff only or if you would like an external RCUK grant holder or expert bid writer to also review this. You will be advised on aspects to incorporate into the final proposal after review, which will give it the maximum chance of success.

To start this process, just notify RKEO of your intention to submit an application to one of the Research Councils. Please note that the RPRS can take up to three weeks, so you will need to factor this in to any proposal writing timescales. If you wish to make an application and do not have sufficient time to go through the RPRS, then an appeal by email must be made to your Deputy Dean of Research (or equivalent) and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, Enterprise & Internationalisation.