Citizenship and Education Conference, 3rd Nov, Bournemouth House, limited spaces

There are still some places left to attend this joint one-day BSA and BU conference, happening on 3rd November, in Bournemouth House. If you would like to register, please get in touch with Dr Mastoureh Fathi, or visit

The conference programme can be viewed here:

Registration and Refreshments
Outside BG14

Welcome: Professor Jonathan Parker (Bournemouth University) Introduction and welcome to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Citizenship Study Group: Dr Mastoureh Fathi (Bournemouth University) and Dr Kristoffer Halvorsrud (Knowledge Centre for Education, Norway)

Keynote: Dr Bridget Byrne (University of Manchester) ‘What is the Britishness in ‘British values’ and the citizenship process?’

Refreshment break

Policy and Politics Panel: Citizenship and Neo-Liberalism

Professor. Jonathan Parker (Bournemouth University): Students and Prevent: Implications for citizenship
Dr Lee Jerome (Middlesex University): England’s Citizenship Education Experiment: The First Ten Years
Rachel Lewis (University of Warwick): Testing Life in the UK, producing the desirable, neo-liberal subject
Dr Anisa Mustafa (University of Nottingham): Active citizenship and modes of resistance in the cultural politics of young adult British Muslims
Dr Nick Stevenson (University of Nottingham): Education, Democracy and its Alternatives: The Commons and the New Left


Parallel Sessions

1. Comparative Contexts

Prof Trond Solhaug (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Citizenship, diversity and antecedents of intercultural empathy among Norwegian pupils (Abstract)
Dr Shinichi Aizawa (Chukyo University): Citizenship, Social Problems, and Schooling in Japan
Caitríona Fitzgerald (Maynooth University): ‘Citizen Child; Hothouse Flower or Hardy Perennial? An exploration of contemporary debates about 21st century children’s ‘lived’ citizenship framed within the context of Irish and Swedish educational policy’

2.“Britishness” and Faith

Céline Benoit (Aston University): The role of secular state schools in the promotion of a White Christian sense of Britishness
Iro Konstantinou (University of Warwick):‘Promoting British values in an English, white, middle class context’
Iftikhar Ahmad (London School of Islamics Trust): Muslims faiths schools and the curriculum

Refreshment Break

Parallel Sessions

1. Faith and “Cohesion”

Donna Crossland (University of Kent): A rhetoric of social cohesion, tolerance and civility: A good lessen to learn?
Rachael Shillitoe (Institute of Education, University of Worcester): ‘Doing Good’: Understanding values and morality in collective worship
Shiva Zarabadi: ‘Crossing borders, changing faiths and the new organization of self and society’, The experiences of migrant Iranian converts to Christianity in the UK

2. Policy Processes and Relations

Dr Martin Myers (The Open University): Mobility, Citizens and Education: Are Gypsies supposed to be citizens?
Dr Kristoffer Halvorsrud (Knowledge Centre for Education, The Research Council of Norway): Student ‘Dropout’ in Upper Secondary Education: A Challenge to the Norwegian ‘Welfare State’?
Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith (University of Sussex): Roma women in European Higher Education: Exploring Tensions of Individual and Shared Responsibility in Policy and Experience

Refreshment Break

Keynote: Professor David James (Cardiff University) ‘Bringing the local knowledge back in?