RDS Academic and Researcher Induction 2023

This event provides an overview of all the practical information staff need to begin developing their research plans at BU, using both internal and external networks; to develop and disseminate research outcomes; and maximising the available funding opportunities.


  • The primary aim of this event is to raise participants’ awareness of how to get started in research at BU or, for more established staff, how to take their research to the next level
  • To provide participants with essential, practical information and orientation in key stages and processes of research and knowledge exchange at BU

Indicative content

As the inductions are currently online, a series of videos will be sent to attendees three weeks’ beforehand for viewing. The induction day will be more interactive and give you the opportunity to meet your faculty-facing RDS support, as well as those responsible for strategy, outputs, ethics, impact, public engagement and knowledge exchange. The videos will provide:

  • An overview of research at BU and how RDS can help/support academic staff
  • The importance of horizon-scanning, signposting relevant internal and external funding opportunities and clarifying the applications process
  • How to manage an awarded project and the BU processes
  • How to develop internal and external research networks
  • Key points on research ethics and developing research outputs


For more information about the event, please see the following link:


If you are new to academia, then it would be helpful for you to meet with your faculty mentor to guide your familiarisation of research at BU and expectations of an early career researcher before attending this induction.

You can also join the Early Career researcher (ECR) Network, and look at the Research Application timeline‘ for an overview of processes at BU.  The latter will also be useful for those who are familiar with academia but new to BU.


The inductions for 2023 will be held on:

Workshop Date Time  Location
RDS Academic & Researcher Induction Wednesday 1st February 13:00 – 14.30 Talbot Campus
RDS Academic & Researcher Induction Wednesday 7th June 09:30 – 11.00 Lansdowne Campus

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For any queries, please contact Organisational Development.

We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you.



The RDS Team