Joseph Rowntree Trust session – slides available

Thank you to everyone who came to the Joseph Rowntree Trust session yesterday, presented by Tony Stoller – Chair of the Board of Trustees.  Tony gave an extremely informative overview of the varied and fascinating work of the JR Trust and Housing Foundation.

 Please click here to access the slides:   JRF presentation – 10th October 2012

Funding:  It is worth re-iterating that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is not a grant-making organisation and generally does not accept speculative enquiries for funding.The JRF issues ‘calls for proposals’ and invites submissions to them.   Via the JRF website you can sign up for alerts – this is the best way to keep in touch with the latest funding opportunities.

If you have any questions about JRF and their work please contact Tony Stoller himself:

 or even better,  Emma Stone who is the Head of Research: