Secondment Opportunities

The BU Dementia Institute (BUDI) is the fastest growing research and knowledge exchange opportunity within BU.  A cross disciplinary institute committed to making a difference in the community in which we live.  Most of us have been touched by Dementia in some way through family or friends and it is one of the most important societal themes that current challenge us.

There are huge opportunities for BU staff to get involved in research and knowledge exchange bids and activity.  It is very much of its moment and growing BUDI fast enough to cope with the demand is a challenge.  BUDI needs staff from across BU to get involved and urgently.  You don’t have to be a health care specialist to particpate, they need psychologists, education experts, marketing and media experts, business and leadership professionals, economists, engineers, data analysts, project managers and computer scientists.  It is truly cross-disciplinary and an ideal way for staff to gain experience of research and knowledge exchange bids.

In support of BUDI I am pleased to announce on before of the Study Leave Committee (Fusion Investment Fund) five dedicated secondment opportunities for BU staff to get involved with BUDI.  Five opportunities for staff to be bought out of their current roles for up to 6 months to get involved directly with BUDI, to lead and contribute to research and knowledge exchange bids which will make a real difference in society.  Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of BUDI Professor Anthea Innes and can apply at any time via the Fusion Investment Fund application form details of which can be found on the staff portal.  Why not get involved and make a difference?