Congratulation and Good Luck

Dr Melanie Klinkner

Melanie Klinkner

June saw a level of activity for bids being submitted and awards being won with congratulations due to Schools/Faculty for winning research and consultancy contracts.

For the Business School, good luck to Melanie Klinkner and Howard Davis for their application to the Leverhulme Trust, to Dermot McCarthy, Phyllis Alexander and Fabian Homberg for their application to ICAEW, to Chris Chapleo for his consultancy to Nigel Reed Smith Ltd, and to Gelareh Roushan, Dawn Birch, Elvira Borat, Caroline Burr and Ana Adi (MS) for their short course on digital marketing to the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.

For HSC, congratulations are due to Clive Andrewes for his short course with Health Education England Wessex LETB, and to Jagoda Banovic for her short course with the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.  Good luck to Vanora Hundley, Helen Allen, Zoe Sheppard and Peter Thomas for their feasibility study to the National Institute for Health Research to research aromatherapy to reduce intervention in early labour, to Clare Taylor for her application to the Health Foundation, and to Jonathan Parker for his application to the Nuffield Foundation.

Anna Feigenbaum

For MS, congratulations to grants academy member Anna Feigenbaum for her application to the Wellcome Trust, to Cliff Van Wyk for his consultancy with South Lychett Manor, and to Liam Toms for his two consultancies with Lyme Bay Brewing Ltd and Grads for Growth.  Good luck to Isabella Riga for her application to the British Council, and to Stephanie Farmer for her consultancy to Dorset County Council.

For the Faculty of Science and Technology, congratulations are due to Genoveva Esteban for her match funded studentship with the Scottish Association for Marine Science and also for her consultancy with the Valentine Trust, to Martin Smith for his consultancy with Michigan State University, to Abdelhamid Bouchachia for his ICAIS conference to be held in September, to Jonathan Monteith for his consultancy with Anesco, to Venky Dubey and Neil Vaughan for their consultancy with the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and to Anita Diazfor her consultancy with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to carry out heath and saltmarsh surveys on Arne peninsular.  Good luck to Neil Vaughan for his application to the MRC, to Luciana Slomp-Esteves for her application to the British Council to research managing coastlines for sustainable development under future climate change, to Richard Stafford and Luciana Slomp-Esteves for their application to the British Council, to Samual Nyman for his application to the Health Foundation, and to Lai Xu and Paul de Vriezefor their application to the Royal Society to research supporting SMEs business process modelling from the perspective of the end user. 

For ST, congratulations go to Richard Gordon for his consultancy with the British High Commission, to Jonathan Hibbert for his consultancy with the National Trust, and to Heather Hartwell for her ESRC award to research whether you are a supertaster as part of her VeggieEAT programme.  Good luck to Jonathan Hibbert for his consultancy to Natural England, and to Lorraine Brown for her application to the British Council.