UG Talks

The contents of some research can be exceptionally complex and almost like another language to those of us who know nothing about a specific subject. The undergraduate talk (UG Talks) breaks this mould by challenging undergraduate students to talk about your research in just 3 minutes.

This gives undergraduates a valuable opportunity to convey their research to their peers and colleagues, all the while gaining some worthwhile experience in presenting their work which could prove extremely useful for future assignments or when they graduate.

So the format of the talk is that the presenter are allocated 3 minutes in order to explain their research, they are only allowed one accompanying PowerPoint slide with their presentation, so they must choose carefully!

In order to secure their place at this exciting event, they must send a title and brief overview of their research to Oliver Cooke. There are only 10 spaces available, so they must submit their work as soon as possible!

The talk will be happening early May at midday and will be held on the 5th Floor in the Student centre, but this can be subject to change.

If you know any undergraduate students who may be interested, please encourage them to submit!

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