Welcome to our first Grants Academy members

We are delighted to announce that the selection process is complete and the Grants Academy has its first members!

 Membership includes not only early career academics, but also professors and everyone inbetween.  This mix of skills and experience will add extra depth and interest to the Academy programme.   

Our new Academy members will be attending their Strand One training  workshop next week.  The aim is that 2 days locked away in a hotel in Bournemouth with our workshop leader Martin Pickard, will give our new members the skills and confidence to develop some really strong funding applications.   They will be supported throughout the bidding process by bid mentors, bidding clinics and all the other resources and benefits available to the Academy.

We are really pleased to be getting this new initiative up and running.   We will let you know how the first workshop goes, and what our members think of it. 

Do you want to be part of our Grants Academy?  

Don’t worry – we will be soon be letting you know about the next round of applications.  Please keep in touch with the blog to stay on top of developments – click on the Grants Academy tag to find out about the Grants Academy and what it involves.

Any questions?  Please contact Caroline O’Kane