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RDS advice to academics during COVID-19

These pages are to give up-to-date advice on research activity affected during COVID-19. Each working day the advice will be updated, which will include official notifications from funders, Research Development and Support (RDS) operations during the quarantine period, and any other useful information. The date of the latest updates from the funders will be shown against each funder name. This will only show the major funders that BU applies to.

Please note that as well as funder advice, there is also advice on ethics, REF, applying for funding during this time, if you are an award holder, and anything else that RDS think will be of use. If BU staff have any queries then please contact your faculty-facing RDS colleagues for advice. Please note that RDS team members are currently working from home until further notice and so please email your RDS contact rather than telephone. Thank you.

Updated by RDS: 26/11/20

Given below are links to pages giving extensive information on each of the following sections:

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International Funder (mainly European) news

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Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

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