Reminder: Research Ethics Panel meetings in August

Planning Ahead – A Reminder for Staff and Postgraduate Researchers

If you’re hoping to start data collection activities in September and are in the process of completing your research ethics checklist, please remember that during August there are NO Research Ethics Panel (REP) Meetings.  If you want to start your data collection activity in August/September, please submit your checklist in time for final Panel meetings to be held in June and July.  Checklists received during August which need to be reviewed by full Panel will be deferred until September (dates to be advised).

REPs review all staff projects and postgraduate research projects which have been identified as above minimal risk through the online ethics checklist.  Details on what constitutes high risk can be found on the research ethics blog.

There are two central REPs:

  • Science, Technology & Health
  • Social Sciences & Humanities Research Ethics Panel

Staff/PGR above minimal risk projects are reviewed by full REP and Researchers (including PGR Supervisors) are normally invited to Panel for discussions.

Staff low risk projects are reviewed by member(s) of REP via email.

Staff Projects which are ‘low risk’

Reviews for low risk projects will continue as normal during August, although turnaround may be longer than normal due to Reviewer availability during this month.

PGR Projects which are ‘low risk’

The review and approval process for low risk PGR projects continues as standard.

More details about the review process and REP meeting dates can be found on the Research Ethics Blog.  Email enquiries should be sent to