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This part of the blog features news and information about higher education policy and how BU’s research is influencing policy.

Policy Update

Technical education HEFCE has published a report on employer demand for intermediate technical higher education. The report finds that employers generally recruit graduates from Level 6 for technician roles despite not requiring this level for the job, and this practice is increasing. Recruiting graduates from Level 6 is largely due to prestige of degrees and… Read more »

Changes to the Research Landscape

The upcoming changes to the research landscape have been in the limelight once again. The Higher Education and Research Bill had its second evidence session on Thursday 8th September which touched on the parts of the Bill that will have implications for research. The session was joined by Phil Nelson, Research Councils UK; Dr Ruth… Read more »

HE Policy Update

TEF The Times Higher discusses the reputational damage that could occur if leading institutions opt out of the TEF. The Times Higher argues that opting out would mean that teaching-focused institutions, who have the most to gain from the TEF, could once again find themselves losing out in an environment where research is king. Who… Read more »

Congratulations to Prof. Brooks

Congratulations to FHSS Prof. Ann Brooks on her latest academic article in the July issue of Cultural Politics. The article ‘The Cultural Production of Consumption as Achievement’ is co-authored with Lionel Wee. Brooks, A. & Wee, L., The Cultural Production of Consumption as Achievement Cultural PoliticsCultural Politics (2016) 12 (2): 217-232 doi 10:10.1215/17432197-3592112

EU Funding Post-Brexit

Over the weekend, the UK government announced a commitment to EU funded research projects when the UK leaves the European Union. The announcement confirms that the Treasury will underwrite funding for approved Horizon 2020 projects applied for before the UK leaves the European Union. The Treasury went on to say “As a result, British businesses… Read more »

Brexit and Bills- what it means for the HE Sector and Research.

With a new Prime Minister, new Government department restructures, the second reading of the Higher Education and Research Bill and Brexit, there is a lot of change around the corner for universities and research. Now that responsibility for higher education has been transferred to the Department for Education, whilst research and science are under the… Read more »

HE & Research Bill

Following on from the blog post after the release of the White Paper, the HE & Research Bill provides both clarification and a bit more insight into what the higher education reforms mean for research. The bill reiterates the creation of the umbrella body United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) which will include the UK’s… Read more »